Everlasting Impact Tribute

Everlasting Impact Tribute

As you build a meaningful legacy to honor the life and spirit of your loved one, consider making an impact on the search for cures to neuroendocrine tumors (NETs).

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) offers the Everlasting Impact Tribute (EIT), which expands memorial giving opportunities to make a larger impact on NET research. You can invest in a brighter future for the patients and families who are seeking personalized, evidence-based NET treatment, a goal that can only be achieved with increased funding and research.

Who can participate?

Anyone can establish an Everlasting Impact Tribute. Our program allows you to express hope, find meaning, and celebrate memories.

For those wishing to establish an Everlasting Impact Tribute, we invite you to consider setting a minimum fundraising goal of $25,000 to support high caliber research capable of transforming the NET landscape.

How does it work?

With an Everlasting Impact Tribute, you extend the opportunity for family members and friends to make memorial gifts beyond your loved one’s service or celebration. Our program invites those who knew your loved one best to join you in reaching a fundraising goal in their memory.

Working together toward a goal, you can extend your fellowship with and support of one another. Share memories and laughter, healing and grief. Get creative in how you invite people’s participation. It can be small and simple, like an email chain, memory book, BBQ, or potluck dinner. Families with a broad base of support sometimes pursue large-scale fundraising efforts like a golf tournament, road race, or musical event. Regardless of how you encourage others’ involvement, what matters most is that it makes sense for your family and serves as a meaningful and lasting tribute.

How does NETRF support your Everlasting Impact Tribute?

We are here to help you set your goals. We also make it easy for you to share your plans with family and friends. NETRF supports your tribute in several ways:

  • Posting a personal tribute page, celebrating the memory of your loved one, including your photos and captured memories, on netrf.org. Your page will remain on NETRF’s website for a mutually agreed upon period, allowing easy access for friends and family to make an online memorial gift.
  • Providing acknowledgments to everyone who participates in your Everlasting Impact Tribute.
  • Regular updates on progress toward your goal, including a list of donors provided to you every two weeks.


Since its founding in 2005, NETRF has awarded more than $30 million in NET research grants to leading scientists at renowned institutions around the world, with the goal of:

  • Understanding the molecular basis of the disease.
  • Discovering diagnostic and prognostic markers that can guide treatment planning.
  • Developing reliable disease models for laboratory experiments for new treatments.
  • Increasing NET research focused on discovering breakthroughs in treatment.
  • Improving the lives of those with neuroendocrine cancer.

A nonprofit organization committed to transparency and stewardship, NETRF has earned a Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator and the Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Want to learn more?

Contact us about establishing an Everlasting Impact Tribute. We will respond quickly to help you make arrangements.

For a priority response, please contact our Development Coordinator, Laken Baird at laken.baird@netrf.org or call us at 617-946-1780.

The loss of a loved one to neuroendocrine cancer is difficult. From neuroendocrine tumor (NET) diagnosis—to treatment — to disease progression, families commonly hear, "We just don't know..." from their health care teams.  It can be shocking to learn how little is known about this uncommon cancer and how few resources are devoted to understanding NET.

For those families seeking to translate this awareness into action, we offer the Everlasting Impact Tribute. This program allows for a larger, longer impact on NET research with a dynamic tribute program that encourages others to help generate the funding and attention NET deserves. 

Who can participate?

Anyone can establish an Everlasting Impact Tribute. It is geared for those looking to promote giving to NETRF in their loved one’s memory before, during, and after funeral services. In this way, it extends and expands the impact that can be made on understanding and curing neuroendocrine cancer. 

For those families who wish to establish an Everlasting Impact Tribute in memory of their loved ones, we invite you to consider setting a minimum fundraising goal of $10,000 to support much-needed funding for NET research.

What does the program include?

Benefits will include:

  • NETRF will create a Tribute page in memory of your loved one including chosen photos and captured memories.
  • NETRF will post your Tribute page on our website for three to six months, allowing easy access for friends and family to make an online memorial gift. 
  • NETRF will include your Everlasting Impact Tribute in our Annual Report. 
  • Family membership to the Everlasting Impact Tribute program.

It is rewarding to see your Everlasting Impact Tribute grow and NETRF will send fund updates to a family member as future gifts are received

To establish an Everlasting Impact Tribute, please contact Susan Payson, NETRF Chief Development Officer at susan.payson@netrf.org or (617) 946-1782.