Jim Jungsten met Sheryl Sorem, his soulmate, on what was supposed to be just another average workday. “Sheryl brought joy to my life every single day. We packed a lot of life into our seven years together.”

Sheryl was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in October of 2020. After many months of radiation and chemotherapy to shrink her tumors, she underwent successful surgery in July 2021 to remove the cancer.

“The doctor was very happy with the surgery. We thought we were past the bad times, but about a month after her surgery we got a call from the surgeon; he sent a portion of Sheryl’s tumor to the Mayo Clinic for analysis, and it came back indicating Sheryl had metastatic neuroendocrine cancer. She was gone within a month.”

Sheryl was an athlete and an avid golfer, so Jim organized and hosted a golf tournament in Sheryl’s honor last summer and donated proceeds to NETRF.

“My friends, family and golf community were witness to our experience and continue to support me and my devotion to making a difference for people navigating this disease. My mission now in life since Sheryl passed is to fund research to find a cure for this terrible disease.  I will raise money for NETRF as long as I draw breath.  People need to know about this insidious disease, where to find help and what questions to ask. I know Sheryl would expect nothing less from me, so that’s how I honor her life and keep her memory alive.”

“I want to fund a grant in her name – I want her name to be synonymous with hope and discovery and progress.”

Join Jim as we open new doors to NET discoveries.

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