Diversity & Inclusion

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation’s (NETRF) mission is to find treatments and ultimately a cure for the thousands of patients living with neuroendocrine cancer. The challenge of our work requires that we support the scientists conducting the most promising research throughout the world. As an organization dedicated to funding research and educating patients, inclusion and equity are essential core values.

With the attention brought to racial injustice and other forms of inequality at this unique moment in our country’s history, NETRF joins others in the cancer community to speak out in support of anti-racism. The NETRF Board of Directors and staff condemn systemic racism and structural discrimination. Narrowing access to research funding, cancer treatment, or patient education, because of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and identity, or other factors can impair NETRF’s efforts to advance the science and ultimately help patients.

Our team at NETRF is having our own discussions to understand how these topics relate to our mission and how we do our work. We understand that NETRF should increase its awareness of unintentional cultural and institutional biases that may hinder our progress to advance NET research as our funders and patients expect of us.

It is our goal that NETRF will become a stronger and more impactful organization as we strive to increase inclusion in our work and demonstrate anti-racism in the communities where we work. We welcome your feedback.