Memorial or Tribute Gifts

NETRF is grateful to receive memorial contributions from families and friends honoring a loved one who has passed from NET cancer. Memorial gifts allow you to remember someone special, celebrate the life they lived and the impact they made and support innovative research to discover improved treatments and cures for neuroendocrine cancers. 

How to give a memorial gift 


  • Visit

  • Select ‘Make my Donation in Memory,’ and add the person’s name.  Also, include the family and their address, so we can notify them of your thoughtful contribution.

Through the mail

  • Make your check payable to the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation or NETRF
  • Include the person’s name that you are making your gift in memory of in the memo part of your check
  • Also, include the name and address of who we should notify of your thoughtful gift. Mail to NETRF, PO Box 170662, Boston, MA 02117

Newspaper notice

To include NETRF in an obituary, please use the following language: In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) can be mailed to NETRF, PO Box 170662, Boston, MA 02117 or made online at

NETRF also offers ways for families to establish an enduring tribute.   

Often times friends and family make a donation to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or other important dates. NETRF is grateful to receive tribute gifts from families and friends honoring loved ones. When you make a tribute gift honoring a loved one, we will swiftly notify the individual or family that you have chosen to honor, informing them of your thoughtfulness. Tab Content

To donate by mail, we accept checks and money orders payable to
NET Research Foundation. Please mail to:

NET Research Foundation
PO Box 170662
Boston MA 02117

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