When Carrie Camino felt a “little twinge” in her abdomen – almost like a muscle pull – she was fortunate that her doctor took her concerns seriously. Within hours, Carrie was sent for a CT scan and the next day her doctor notified her that she had a mass on her pancreas. While her initial surgery was deemed successful and the tumor was removed, a year later neuroendocrine tumors were found on her liver.

As Carrie began a new course of treatment, she wanted to better understand her options so that she could live her fullest life. She reached out to NETRF for resources.

“I was so grateful to speak with NETRF. They understood my journey and my wish to lead a healthy, active life, not only for myself, but for my husband and daughter. They connected me to a local support group where I met a woman, very similar to me, who graciously spent hours talking with me and sharing her experience with NETs. If I hadn’t found her and NETRF, I don’t know where I’d be. And I hope that someday I can be that comforting resource for someone who is newly diagnosed.”

Carrie’s 13 year-old daughter and her friends rallied around her. Together they hosted a lemonade stand and then a bake sale, raising nearly $4,000 for NETRF. Carrie also made a personal gift in support of NETRF’s Giving Tuesday campaign.

“There have been some beautiful and meaningful aspects of this journey so far, and we choose to focus on the positive elements. We will continue to donate to NETRF because we know that NETRF-funded researchers are passionate about finding better treatments and a cure – they are thinking about this 24/7 and they are going after it. The promise and hope inspired by ongoing research and the latest treatments is exciting!”

Join Carrie as we open new doors to NET discoveries.

Now through June 30, 2023, thanks to a generous pledge from the Li Family, every donation will be matched – dollar for dollar – up to $15,000. Your gift will be doubled, multiplying new pathways to NET discoveries. Your support will also ensure that patients have access to our expert NET education and resources. Please help us by making a gift today by clicking the donate button below.