Brittany dealt with persistent and unexplained gastrointestinal issues for most of her adult life. But between the arrival of her daughter, Lorelei, in 2019 and her son, Dean, in 2021, Brittany’s symptoms worsened; she began experiencing chest pain, night sweats, and flushing. 

“I attributed my symptoms to being post-partum and breastfeeding, but still I went to see my primary care provider. After several scans and tests, we got my diagnosis: Stage IV Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (pNET). The diagnosis was overwhelming. I went from being proud of my career and new family – everything that I worked so hard for – to feeling like I was losing it all in seconds. My heart broke thinking about my children and what this diagnosis would mean for them.”

What’s more, when Brittany went back and reviewed her scans from 10 years prior, the tumors were visible on her pancreas and liver even at that time. Because they were not identified, she continued to be misdiagnosed for a full decade.

“But, I come from a family of do-ers. Once I had a definitive diagnosis, my family and I started The CureNET Project to raise money to fund NETRF research, and also to support other NET patients facing financial challenges while they seek treatment. I’m a pharmacist, so I know and appreciate the importance of science, research, and discovery. Partnering with NETRF, together we can help advance NET research and find better treatments and a cure.  

Since launching The CureNET Project, Brittany, her family, and her community have raised and donated more than $70,000 to NETRF with no plans of stopping. 

“I know how lucky I am to have a huge support system and resources to ease my burden, but many others don’t have the same support to get the care they need. We will always help whenever we can.”

Join Brittany as we open new doors to NET discoveries.

Now through June 30, 2023, thanks to a generous pledge from the Li Family, every donation will be matched – dollar for dollar – up to $15,000. Your gift will be doubled, multiplying new pathways to NET discoveries. Your support will also ensure that patients have access to our expert NET education and resources. Please help us by making a gift today by clicking the donate button below.