NET Patient and physician Elizabeth Zide will compete in the Detriot half-marathon to raise money for NETRF on Sunday, October 16, 2022. 

From Elizabeth: 

Friends and family – I am still fighting – running, kettlebell swinging, baking, loving, grateful!! I am still here, and I am still trying to make a difference in this disease! I should be DEAD! Because of research funded by The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation, there have been so many advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumor I am now ALIVE and LIVING!! If I had been diagnosed at the first evidence of this RARE disease in 2000, I would likely be gone!! As a result of the advances in treatment that have been made, I am still living, and I look forward to ongoing health – EVEN a possible CURE!! 

It is RARE!! It is diagnosed in 1:100,000 – 120,000 annually (that’s 10 people in 1 million!!!)

You might be surprised to learn that, even being a doctor, I had no clue I had this growing and spreading inside my body. My life and career has always been focused on improving and maintaining health. By the time I was diagnosed, it had already metastasized to my liver and, yet, I was a picture of GREAT health – eating organic, running marathons, swinging kettlebells. I was enjoying life with my husband and raising 3 incredible children!


I may have had this for over 10 years before diagnosis!! But, I am NOT THE EXCEPTION! This is very typical for this disease.

Symptoms tend to be vague. Most people affected with this disease see multiple specialists over several years before the disease is FINALLY discovered and diagnosed. More than half of the patients already HAVE METASTASES at the time of diagnosis.

Since NET is so rare, this disease does not receive much attention or funding. Research for better diagnosis and treatment is still in its youth and continued funding is a must!!!

It is a disease that is never truly gone, even with the best treatments we currently have.

And yet, I am aware that my fight against this disease is not done!

That is why I am trying to raise $15,000 and asking for your help in this endeavor. (Keep reading to see how you can help!)

Elizabeth’s friends brought her along in spirit on their 2020 Rim Walk

Elizabeth and her teammates at last year’s
Detroit Marathon

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Sunday, 10/16

Detriot Half Marathon

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