Send a Love Note to the Caregiver in Your Life!

Honor the ultimate gift of love. Send your caregiver a message letting them know the special place they hold in your heart with a #LoveNote gift.

Let your caregiver know they mean the world to you.

Whether it is a spouse, sibling, parent, partner, or friend … caregivers provide a lifeline of love and support for neuroendocrine cancer patients.

Show the caregiver in your life how much their unconditional love and commitment mean to you.


You can make an online gift in honor of the caregiver in your life who gives you their time, love and help.


Your donation will go toward funding essential research for neuroendocrine cancer.


We will send your caregiver a Love Note sharing your heartfelt gratitude along with a thoughtful donation letter acknowledging the gift made in their honor. 


Your thoughtful tribute will spread a message of love and provide an inspiring reminder of the difference caregivers make to ensure the lives of NET patients are brighter and more beautiful.

For questions on how to make a gift, please contact Eva May, Development Assistant, or 617.946.1781

Hear More about Caregivers

At NETRF, we celebrate the role caregivers play in the lives of their loved ones. It’s a job they did not anticipate or prepare for, yet they persevere with love and bravery. In our latest edition of the NETWise podcast, we focus on caregivers and their essential place in the care team. Hear their unique perspective and what their support means to a patient.

Love is meant to be shared. We’ll post your Love Note on the wall below.

Your Love Makes a Difference

Just now:

Carl gave for Mickey Remmel

Completely unexpected, you have seen me through good news, not so good news, not so bad bad news, and bad news. Atlanta, Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Portland, Boston, Lexington & Nashville. Always, always to help, support & figure things out. XOX

Thomas gave for Marsha Pursch


The love and care you have provided over the last 18+ months has been so appreciated in ways that are difficult to describe in words. Thank you for being there and I love you so much.

David gave for Megan Schrimmer


To the Love of my life, for all the love that you give to me!

Love, David

Crystal gave for Richard Rexford


Thank you for always being there for me through this “journey” we did not choose. Your strength keeps me strong, your kindness makes me stay soft. Being an advocate for me & this disease means I never have to do it alone. You are so brave!

Cheryl gave to Carole Nichols Mashburn

I could not have come this far without you. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have. Love you to the moon and back!

Melissa gave to Dave Blue

You have no idea how much it means to me that you are with me on this journey. Thank you for going to doctors’ appointments, listening to my complaints, and going out to get things for me when I’m feeling bad. Love you, Missy.

Sharon gave for Dan Diehl


Thanks for standing by me and being my advocate. When you hold my hand, I am stronger. The journey is less frightening when you are close enough to hold me in my hours of uncertainty. Please help me to help myself. I love you, Sharon .

Debra gave for Lynn Berry

Honey, Thank you for always being there for me and putting up with all my crap! 

Gayla gave for Sherrill White

Thank you sis for all you do for me. I could never travel this journey without you. I am making this donation in honor of you.