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November 17, 2020

Faces of Philanthropy: Steve Kaufer

“We have come a long, long way.” When Steve Kaufer’s wife Caroline was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, he began...
October 21, 2020

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The Firsty Family

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The Petersen Foundation is happy to be associated with the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation and so proud of its accomplishments. We are particularly impressed by your growth as it relates to the breadth of your research funding and expansion of your annual symposium. Keep up the good work.

GiGi Carleton and Kevin Strauch

Trustees of the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation

I was drawn in by Nancy Lindholm, her passion and her laser focus. What she was doing seemed different, impactful and could help patients. I’m proudest of the community of researchers that NETRF assembled. We did not just attract them, but we nurtured them so they would stay intellectually curious about NETs.

Lauren Erb

Former NETRF Executive Director


My mother died in 2000 from carcinoid cancer/NET tumors, and at the time, so little was known about the disease, it was like being in the Middle Ages. That spurred my initial involvement with NETRF, but what has kept me involved are the gigantic leaps and strides we’ve made in researching and treating this poorly understood disease. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

Jonathan Soroff


I think that this organization has really been responsible for my being able to have a life that's not dominated by having NET cancer. I think that the conferences we’ve been to, maybe about 8 of them, have helped both of us to understand what’s current so that we can get the best treatment, to also talk about good ways to handle the side effects and the difficulties that come with being a NET patient.

Anne and John Farrell

NETRF Donors

Gilman Photo

Like so many NET patients and their families, Terry and I didn't know what a NET was until my diagnosis in 2010 and the NETRF sponsored patient and caregiver conference we were pointed to by my oncologist made an immediate and profound personal impact and led us to become financial supporters and eventually my service on the board of directors. What I have learned through my involvement and the message I want to share is that there is reason to be hopeful.

Todd and Terry Gilman

NETRF Donors

Fifteen years ago, how much research was done in NETs? Not much. NETRF has been able to bring so many researchers to this area that would not be working in this field without NETRF grants. You have been building the community of NET researchers. I appreciate all the work NETRF has done.

James Eisner


Dad and Mara ski slope

When my daughter was diagnosed and I was learning about the disease, there was no debate in my mind that NETRF was way ahead. The reason I give annually is that it’s remarkable to see how many grants have been given to scientists. That gives us hope. My most obvious and ambitious wish for the future is a cure. It is important to my family as well as thousands of patients. In the meantime, life expectancy for people with NETs has been extended, often by years. That’s proof we are making progress.

Dale Conklin


The NET community is a vibrant network of individuals and families affected by neuroendocrine cancer. NETRF works tirelessly to support the community's needs, continually evolving to supply the best information possible. By listening and responding to direct requests for resources, NETRF is genuinely a patient-centered organization that cares deeply for the people it serves.

Laran Hyder

Former Director of Education

My wife and I became interested in NETRF as a way to move research forward for a disease that is underserved and underfunded. We hope that with increased funding and awareness we can ultimately cure this disease. My most obvious and ambitious wish for the future is a cure. It is important to my family as well as thousands of patients.

Dr. William Sellers

BOSA Member Emeritus