Project title: The role of ATRX/DAXX/H3.3 chromatin regulation in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors

Laura Banaszynski, PhD UT Southwestern Medical Center

Laura Banaszynski, PhD
  • Status: Active
  • Year(s): 2017
  • Grant Type: Investigator
  • Research Type: Basic
  • Primary Tumor Site: Pancreas
  • Area of Inquiry: Mapping NET dependencies

General Overview

This proposal seeks to understand the role of ATRX/DAXX/H3.3-mediated chromatin dysregulation in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. These studies will identify important mechanisms of genome regulation, potentially transforming our understanding of neuroendocrine tumors with a goal towards the development of new diagnostic markers and possible new methods of intervention.

Additional Details

  • City: Dallas
  • Grant Duration: 2 years
  • Awards: Petersen Investigator Award
  • Sponsor: Margie & Robert E. Petersen Foundation
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