Grant Review

Our review process

NETRF has a rigorous peer review process to evaluate and score grants. Grant proposals are reviewed by external expert reviewers and our Scientific Advisory Board.

NETRF follows peer review best practices to review grants. This includes:

  • Using external scientific reviewers.
  • Managing a process free of conflict of interest. Reviewers are recused in cases of direct or indirect conflict of interest.
  • Reviewers are required to sign a confidentiality and conflict-of-interest statement.
  • Applications are ranked based on scientific excellence.

The review board considers review criteria such as significance, feasibility, and impact for neuroendocrine cancer patients when evaluating and scoring grants. The goal is for NETRF to fund the best science possible.

Grant Approval

NETRF’s Board of Directors will approve the grant recipients based on:

  • The recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board.
  • The impact of the research on the mission of NETRF.
  • Available funds.