Program Guidelines and How to Apply

  • The NETRF RFA model employs a 2-step process. The first step is the submission of a competitive LOI. One LOI per applicant, per program, may be submitted. The purpose of the LOI is to identify projects with the greatest scientific potential without requiring applicants to first submit a full application. A limited number of applicants whose LOIs are deemed most meritorious will be invited to submit a full proposal.
    1. Applicants interested in a 2023 award must submit a competitive letter of intent (LOI) by 5:00 PM (ET) on Monday, April 24, 2023.
    2. By June 2023, a limited number of LOI Applicants will be invited to submit full proposals. Full proposals are due in July 2023.
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NETRF Awards Six Grants

NETRF awarded six new research grants totaling $1.85 million to leading academic institutions around the world. The goal of the funding is to improve current treatments for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), an uncommon and poorly understood cancer, which occurs in the body’s hormone-producing cells.