Mentored Research Award


The NETRF Mentored Award is designed to encourage early career investigators to pursue neuroendocrine tumor research and make a commitment to the field. Mentored Research Awards are in the amount of $100,000 over two years. These proposals typically have two aims that provide work requiring two years to complete. They have one PI with or without collaborators.


This grant award totals $100,000 over two years. Pilot Awards do not cover indirect costs. Grants are paid in US dollars.


  • Applicants must have an MD, PhD, MD/PhD or equivalent degree and not currently be a
    candidate for a further doctoral or professional degree.
  • Applicants must hold a full-time, mentored research position with the title of postdoctoral
    fellow, clinical research fellow, or equivalent.
  • Applicants must work under the auspices of a mentor at an academic, medical, or research institution within the US or abroad, and should be focused on establishing themselves as experts in neuroendocrine tumor research. A letter from a mentor including a mentoring plan is required.
  • The award is transferable to the first year of a junior faculty position.
  • Eligible organizations include public or private institutions, such as universities, colleges, hospitals, and laboratories, both domestic and international. Applications from the biotech, pharmaceutical industry, or for-profit life sciences companies are not eligible.
  • Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to continue with NET research and the potential for further development in this area.
  • The grant recipient, as a condition of acceptance, will be required to attend the annual NETRF Research Symposium. Funds from the awarded grant can be allocated to attend the Annual NETRF Symposium.

Selection process

Mentored Award applications can be submitted as part of our annual Request for Applications (RFA). Letters of Intent (LOI) are reviewed by the NETRF Board of Scientific Advisors, with applicants invited to submit full applications based on the quality of the project, support from the applicant’s institution, budget, and potential of the research to advance the field. NETRF is solely responsible for the evaluation and selection of the grantee.

Grant monitoring

Grant recipients are required to submit biannual reports detailing scientific progress, research milestones achieved, and financial expenditures related to the project. The reports disclose updates on publications, patents and clinical trial advances when applicable. These reports are reviewed by NETRF’s Scientific Review and Grants Administration team to ensure that funds are being properly spent and that sufficient progress is made throughout the grant term. Continued funding is contingent upon review and approval of progress and achievement of relevant milestones. Post-award reports at one, three, and five years are required to measure longer-term outcomes of the funded research and investigator career advancement.

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