Our Strategy

Searching for the best and brightest

We have a very proactive approach to finding and retaining talent. Our Mentored Award directly encourages bright young investors to enter the NET research field. We also develop and nurture relationships with our awardees, and support them throughout the life of the grant, and beyond. Investigators that have shown excellent progress with their projects may return to submit additional new proposals that result from their funded studies. 

Funding promising research

We support investigators whose work will provide insights into the causes of NETs and/or lead to improved treatment for patients who live with these cancers. We look for novel ideas, strategies and proposals that leverage insights from related cancers. We encourage collaborations between investigators with expertise in different fields and we are interested in proposals from multidisciplinary, multi-institutional groups comprised of basic scientists and clinicians as well as experts in bioinformatics, cutting-edge biochemistry, drug targeting and delivery, and other relevant disciplines. Proposals that cover promising and potentially transferable mechanisms and/or technologies that have been applied successfully to other areas of cancer research are encouraged and are evaluated based on their level of applicability to NETs. Our goal is to fund projects with the potential to expand in scope and attract additional support from us, as well as other funding bodies.

Annual funding opportunities

We release a Request for Applications (RFA) once per year, inviting innovative basic, translational and clinical research proposals.

Evaluation of submitted proposals

We employ a two-step scientific review process: the first step is the submission of a Competitive Letter of Intent (LOI) to help identify projects with the greatest scientific potential. 


Applicants whose LOIs are deemed most meritorious move to the second step and are invited to submit a full proposal.


All applications are reviewed by external expert reviewers and our Scientific Advisors. Their recommendations are then presented to the NETRF Board of Directors for review, final vote and approval.

Each year we invite applications under the programs shown below:

Accelerator award

in the amount of $1,200,000 ($300K/year).

Investigator award

in the amount of $270,000 ($135K/year).

Pilot Project awards

in the amount of $90,000/year.

Mentored award

in the amount of $100,000 ($50K/year)

For any questions regarding our RFA, please email us at grants@netrf.org

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