Our Impact

We measure success and evaluate outcomes by following a number of metrics. We ask whether:

Our awards are able to expand the NET research landscape by:

  • Increasing the number of senior investigators recruited from other fields.
  • Increasing the number of junior investigators attracted to the field.
  • Increasing the visibility for NET research by partnering in strategic collaborations.
  • Fostering a collaborative, nurturing environment for professional development.

Our funded research stimulates NET science and its research community:

  • The research opens new areas of investigation.
  • The research changes our understanding of NETs and has direct or indirect impact on patients’ lives.
  • The researcher starts collaborations with peers from the NET or other fields.
  • The work results in publications in high impact, peer-reviewed journals.
  • The work is widely cited, contributing to expanding shared knowledge.
  • The researcher attains leadership position (Academic, Editorial, Societies, Boards, other).
  • The researcher leverages our funding to get subsequent government grants to extend or expand their work on a larger scale.
  • The researcher becomes a recognized authority in the NET field.
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