Project title: Simultaneous Auger-e- and β--Particle therapy of metastasized NET using 161Tb-DOTATOC

Roger Schibli, PhD Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

Roger Schibli, PhD
  • Status: Active
  • Year(s): 2018
  • Grant Type: Investigator
  • Research Type: Clinical
  • Primary Site: Other
  • Area of Inquiry: Clinical trials

General Description

This two-year Petersen Investigator Project will explore the safety of a novel radionuclide for more effective treatment of NETs. Despite the effectiveness of PRRT to prolong survival, many patients will be diagnosed with metastases a few years later. Schibli and colleagues will develop a new therapy based on terbium radionuclides (161Tb), which have distinct radioactive properties, compared to Lu 177. The researchers will evaluate the ability of 161Tb-DOTATOC to kill single cancer cells and tiny metastases in a pre-clinical setting before they proceed with the first-in-man study. They theorize that this type of therapy will result in a paradigm shift in the treatment of NETs

Additional Details

  • City: Zurich
  • Grant Duration: 2 years
  • Awards: Petersen Investigator Award
  • Sponsor: Margie & Robert E. Petersen Foundation
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