Project title: NET-smart chemotherapy: a targeted prodrug strategy

Justin Annes, MD, PhD Stanford University

Justin Annes, MD, PhD
  • Status: Completed
  • Year(s): 2018
  • Grant Type: Pilot
  • Research Type: Translational
  • Primary Tumor Site: Pancreas
  • Area of Inquiry: Signaling/drug targets

General Description

By taking advantage of unique properties of NETs that are not found in healthy cells, researchers will try to target chemotherapy to attack only cancer cells, instead of all cells. Creating novel chemotherapeutic agents that will attack and kill only NET cells, will help reduce the side effects of currently used systemic chemotherapy.

Published Papers 

Horton TM, Sundaram V, Hye-Jin Lee C, et al. PAM staining intensity of primary neuroendocrine neoplasms is a potential prognostic biomarker. Scientific Reports. 2020; (10):10943.


We have continued to advance our effort to develop NET-targeted therapeutics. At this point we have robust biochemical and cellular data which have moved our platform technology from theoretically possible to demonstrable achievable.

Additional Details

  • City: Stanford
  • State: California
  • Grant Duration: 1 year


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