Project title: Deciphering novel neoantigen landscape and vaccine targets in pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms

Anguraj Sadanandam, PhD The Institute of Cancer Research

Anguraj Sadanandam, PhD
  • Status: Active
  • Year(s): 2023
  • Grant Type: Pilot
  • Research Type: Translational
  • Primary Tumor Site: Pancreas

Project Description:

Dr. Sadanandam’s research aims to improve treatment for pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (PanNENs), especially the aggressive subtype, by addressing the limited effectiveness of current therapies, including immune checkpoint treatment.

What critical NET problem will you try to solve through your research?

The urgency stems from PanNENs’ resistance to standard therapies due to their heterogeneity. The proposed solution involves developing a groundbreaking neoantigen-based (abnormal proteins specific to cancer cells) vaccination strategy, offering new hope for patients with aggressive PanNENs when traditional immunotherapy is not feasible.

Why is this important?

Understanding and utilizing the body’s immune response against PanNENs is crucial for enhancing patient well-being. Dr. Sadanandam and his team’s research focused on identifying specific neoantigens for personalized immunotherapies not only addresses treatment challenges but also deepens our understanding of PanNENs’ biology and fosters the development of innovative and more effective treatment approaches, potentially transforming the landscape of PanNEN therapy.

What will you do as part of this research project?

Dr. Sadanandam’s research project focuses on deciphering the neoantigen landscape in PanNENs, especially an aggressive subtype, utilizing large data, artificial intelligence-based machine-learning algorithms and cutting-edge techniques. The goal is to identify and validate neoantigens as potential vaccine candidates. 

How might your research improve the diagnosis and/or treatment of NETs? 

This innovative approach could transform PanNEN therapy, moving away from traditional methods and contributing valuable insights into neuroendocrine tumors, leading to more effective and targeted treatments for PanNENs, potentially improving outcomes and survival rates.

What is your next step?

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and computational methods, Dr. Sadanandam aims to develop a personalized immunotherapy strategy to transform PanNEN treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes.


Additional Details

  • City: London
  • Country: UK
  • Grant Duration: 1
  • Sponsor: Laura and Lew Moorman


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