NETRF launches NETWise podcast

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) launched a neuroendocrine tumor (NET) podcast called NETWise. Available at and through all the major podcast distribution services, NETWise offers a new educational option for those living with NETs.

“We are excited to expand our educational resources to podcasts. It is another way that NETRF supports patients and families to get the credible information they need to live their fullest lives with NETs,” said Elyse Gellerman, NETRF Chief Executive Officer.

Hosted by NETRF’s Director of Education and Outreach, Laran Hyder, episodes feature leading U.S. NET specialists discussing the many aspects of diagnosis and treatment. The first episode explores the origin of the disease in the body’s neuroendocrine cells and examines the ways in which the disease is classified in terms of grade and stage to identify optimal treatment strategies.

NETWise features many NET specialist physicians and patient stories–all to help guide patients and their families through the NET journey. “Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had NETs for many years, this podcast will increase your knowledge and understanding,” said NETWise host Laran Hyder.

For those diagnosed with this uncommon cancer type, it can be hard to access information on the disease. Half of those surveyed on the needs of NET patients wanted more information on treatment options. Most respondents wanted to know about reliable sources of NET information. As the leading funder of NET research, NETRF works to provide reliable, accurate information on neuroendocrine cancers.

NETRF offers a range of information services for patients and families. Whether patients have just been diagnosed or have many years of survivorship, they can find online information about NETs, attend free patient and caregiver conferences,  or to fill the agreed that there was a need for ed there a need for Published results of a survey completed by individuals living with NETs found a majority  


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