Did you know that there are more treatments for pancreatic NETs (PNETs) than for other types of NETs?

While there are more options, treatment for PNETs needs to be individualized since these tumors can vary significantly in stage, grade, and their ability to cause hormonal symptoms.  PNETs are complex because the pancreas plays an essential role in our bodies’ functions.   If you or someone you know has a PNET, this episode of NETWise discusses the importance of the pancreas and how PNETs are diagnosed.  You’ll also learn that there are several genetic syndromes that can increase vulnerability to PNETs. 

Hear about treatment options and research for PNETs from NET specialists Drs. Emily Bergsland and Phillip Phillip.  

Pancreatic Surgeries:  The pancreas is surrounded by important organs and made up of different parts. Take a look at these illustrations to improve your understanding  of pancreas anatomy and the different surgeries used to treat it.