Direct NET Treatments

In this episode of NETWise, we discuss two common treatments for neuroendocrine tumors. Treatment, like surgery and interventional radiology, can reduce the number and size of NETs as well as reduce some of the symptoms caused by tumors.

Did you know that almost 70% of NET patients have surgery? In this episode, NET surgeons describe surgical procedures like “debulking” and the whipple procedure. We also hear how endoscopies are used to treat NETs. Here is a hint. Have you ever played Pac-Man?

You will also learn more about “multi-focal primaries” in the small bowel and how surgeons can employ minimally invasive surgical techniques to “run the small bowel.” We also speak with an expert thoracic surgery about several surgical options for lung NETs.

We will explain enucleation surgery and talk more about all the surgery jargon you often hear and what it means for patients.

Last, but not least, NETWise covers all the information you need to know about interventional radiology (IR) for NETs. We describe bland embolization, chemoembolization, radioembolization, and radiofrequency ablation. Finally, two patients add their surgery experiences to the podcast as they talk about their decisions to have surgery and their respective recoveries.

If you are scheduled for upcoming NET surgery, please consider donating tumor tissue to fill the urgent need for use in laboratory research. Find out more here.

Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract Surgeries: Anatomical illustrations show what tissue is removed during surgery, with explanations about the most common GI surgeries for NETs.

Pancreatic Surgeries:  The pancreas is surrounded by important organs and made up of different parts. Take a look at these illustrations to improve your understanding  of pancreas anatomy and the different surgeries used to treat it.

Lung Surgeries: Illustrations depict the different parts of your respiratory system. See how different  surgical approaches are used to remove tumor tissue, while preserving healthy tissue. 

Liver-directed Therapies: See the explanations and illustrations about how interventional radiology removes or reduces liver NETs, with information about different types of embolization and ablation.