When you’re fighting cancer, treating your tumors is only part of the care you need to continue living your best life. Caring for you as a person – mind, body, and spirit – is the focus of a dedicated team of interdisciplinary professionals who have a lot to offer people with neuroendocrine tumors. Just don’t be scared of the “P” word! 

Palliative care addresses all the issues impacting a person’s quality of life. These might include managing symptoms and side effects, managing pain, and dealing with the psychological and emotional ramifications of living with a serious illness.  A landmark study done at Harvard in 2010 demonstrated that cancer patients receiving dedicated palliative care on top of treatment for their cancer did better in a myriad of ways. 

In this episode, hear from physicians about what palliative care is—and is not.  Richard Redding and Laurel Howard share their stories about how palliative care has helped them deal with their illness.  Caregiver Roseanne Crane talks about her husband’s experience with a palliative care team. 

NET experts featured in this episode:

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Dr. Steve Pantilat
Palliative Care
The University of California, San Francisco 

Dr. Sandy Tun
Pallaitive Care
The University of Chicago 

Abraham Labrada-Santiago
Mayo Clinic