Driving Breakthroughs: Your Role in the 2024 NETRF Grant Cycle and Neuroendocrine Cancer Research

At NETRF, our dedication to advancing research is paramount because it holds the key to improving treatments and ultimately finding cures for neuroendocrine cancer. Research serves as the foundation upon which medical advancements are built, providing essential insights into the underlying mechanisms of these diseases, novel therapeutic targets, more effective treatment strategies, and ultimately work towards finding cures. Our mission is rooted in dedication to investing in these scientific studies so we can pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries that have the potential to revolutionize the landscape of neuroendocrine cancer care.

How We Fund Research

Every year, we invite researchers from around the globe to submit their innovative ideas through a rigorous two-stage process. Initially, researchers provide letters of intent outlining their project objectives and how they relate to neuroendocrine cancer. From there, the most promising submissions progress to the full application stage. In this year’s cycle, research projects span topics such as investigating the molecular and genetic basis of neuroendocrine cancer, the tumor microenvironment, diagnostics and biomarkers, among others. Currently, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming full application deadline of June 24, after which these applications will undergo a thorough review by our experienced panel of experts.

The Impact of Your Support

This year, we’ve experienced an exceptional response, marked by a 33% increase in letters of intent and significant participation from the international research community. This surge underscores both the global recognition of our foundation’s efforts and the widespread interest in investigating neuroendocrine cancer. However, this progress wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our generous donors.

Your Role in Driving Discoveries

Your philanthropic contributions play a pivotal role in driving this progress forward. For instance, your donations have fueled research into CAR T cell immunotherapy, a groundbreaking approach that has now progressed to clinical trials following a decade of rigorous NETRF-funded basic and preclinical research. As the demand for funding continues to rise, we recognize that we cannot support all deserving projects without your help. Your donations empower researchers to pursue faster and more profound advancements in neuroendocrine cancer treatments.

By contributing, you become an integral part of a dedicated community committed to seeking better treatments and potentially even cures for neuroendocrine cancer, thereby transforming lives across the globe. To discover more about how your donations drive our programs and their profound impact, I encourage you to explore our recently released 2023 Annual Report.

Join us in this vital mission—every donation, regardless of size, makes a tangible difference! Together, we can drive meaningful progress and bring hope to those affected by neuroendocrine cancer.