Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving is becoming a popular and preferred choice for many NETRF donors. In 2021, we received over $20,000.00 from 28 donors in NETRF’s Monthly Giving Program! We are proud to announce that 13 new donors joined the program this year – more than twice the amount we had last year. These committed supporters all have different reasons for choosing a recurring donation, from convenience to creating a lasting legacy for a loved one.

For many of our Monthly Giving Program participants, this donation method method of is a simple and meaningful way for them to stay connected to a friend or family member’s memory, like Erica Roberts, who gives to remember her father.

“Sometimes with a busy job it’s hard to contribute tangibly like volunteering, but this way of donating works to feel like you’re contributing to something bigger than you.” 

—Erica Roberts, Alabama

It can be difficult for donors to feel that they are helping to fight this disease with small donations, but when you make a sustained gift with a monthly commitment, a little can go a long way. It is also a great option for those who want to make a larger donation and pay it over time, and is extremely budget-friendly. Every single gift matters, and while each one individually may seem small, they will contribute to a larger gift that supports critical NET research in the coming year. For added convenience, you can even designate a monthly donation to come to us through your donor-advised fund, like one of our long-time anonymous program participants.

January is the perfect time to establish your 2021 monthly donation so you can see your gift grow throughout the year. If you are unable to join in January, joining any month will work as well. It’s as easy as checking the recurring gift box when you make an online donation, and we will handle the rest!

Consider joining the NETRF Monthly Giving Program. Contact our Development Coordinator, Laken Baird at or call us at 617-946-1780 to get started with your monthly donation.