Net One for NET Research – In Memory of Brandon Raabe

If you could ask Brandon Raabe what a perfect day would look like, he would probably describe a Sunday afternoon in a brewery surrounded by good friends, family and big screen televisions in every direction broadcasting the Tottenham Hotspur’s latest match. For those of you who may not be soccer fans, the Tottenham Spurs are an English football club from North London, and they were Brandon Raabe’s favorite team. The 29-year-old soccer fan succumbed to neuroendocrine cancer in January of this year. On April 25th, his friends and family gathered at West Side Brewery in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio to raise a glass to his memory and to raise money to find a cure for the cancer that took his life too early. 

“The Net One for NET research event was a huge success in many aspects. There is nothing better than a gathering of great people drinking great beer all for a great cause, especially while watching soccer,” explains Brian Combs, Brandon’s best friend and event organizer. “Brandon would have loved the event, besides the result of the game, and I hope we can continue to make him proud by holding more events like this in the future.”

“This wonderful event not only raised funds for NETRF, but it also allowed family and friends to celebrate the life of our favorite soccer fan,” said Paige Raabe, Brandon’s sister.

Brandon was diagnosed in January of 2020 with Stage 4 pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. By the time it was detected, the cancer had already spread to his liver, lungs, and lymph nodes in his stomach. Brandon and his treatment team at M.D. Anderson fought valiantly against the disease, but when it returned in the fall, he was unable to participate in further treatments. His friends and family are forever grateful for Brandon’s unmatched example of how to live with purpose and joy.

“Brandon was always smiling, shining. He was such a positive and lovable force,” says his sister Laura Raabe. “The world is darker without him, but his love comes through in the sunshine on our skin, the laughter of friends, and the twinkle in one’s eye at the thought of exploring the world. His shine will be with us forever, having taught us all a little something that made each of us better.” 

Brandon’s girlfriend, Kensie Smith partnered with NETRF to create the Brandon Raabe Tribute Fund for Neuroendocrine Cancer. The fund is part of the NETRF Everlasting Impact Tribute program which was designed to help loved ones make a larger impact on NET research. Brandon’s friends and family hope to raise $25,000 in honor of Brandon.

“I couldn’t be happier with the turnout at the NETRF event on Sunday! It was a beautiful day with family and friends watching Brandon’s favorite soccer team and having a couple beverages,” said Kensie Smith. “The amount of people who showed up truly indicated how loved Brandon was by each and every one of them. I appreciate everyone making the time to come out and support a cause that means so much to me and the Raabe’s. Thank you!” 

“Man, what a way to kick off the first of without a doubt many more events to support NETRF in Brandon’s honor. Brandon would have loved every second of it… the soccer, the beers, but most importantly, the people,” said friend Danny Meyer. “The number of friends and family there in support was a true testament to the lasting legacy he left us with.”

Net one for NET Research raised more than $3,800, bringing the total raised for Brandon’s Tribute Fund to nearly $19,000. 

“Our hearts are full after seeing how many friends and family members gathered in Brandon’s memory while fundraising to help others,” explained Brandon’s parents Tricia and Bruce Raabe. “He surrounded himself with wonderful people and knowing many were together would have made him happy.” 

To make a gift to the Brandon Raabe Tribute Fund for Neuroendocrine Cancer, click here. To learn more about the NETRF Everlasting Impact Tribute program, please contact our Development Coordinator, Laken Baird at or call us at 617-946-1780.