Leaving Neuroendocrine Cancer Behind

NET Survivor Finds Hope and Inspiration

That’s it—my number is up, Dave McCoy thought when he learned he had neuroendocrine cancer in 2008. A cancer, he says, that no one knew anything about. “Even the surgeons were saying, ‘I don’t know. We don’t know what to do with this thing.’ It was horrible ten years ago. There was no answer.”

In his search for answers, Dave contacted the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF). His contact with staff helped him learn about options and inspired him to move forward.

Watch Dave talk about his cancer journey.

A former member of the NETRF Board of Directors, Dave has witnessed dramatic progress in NET research in the last decade. “They are really finding things. The picture is getting better over time,” said Dave. “You realize what you’re doing is really going to help out the next generation. There’s hope.”

“It’s insanely hard work,” said Dave about the search for a cure. “Years and years and years just to find one piece of this 100-piece puzzle that will end up leading to the cure or better treatments.”

Dave now shares his cancer story to show what’s possible in life beyond neuroendocrine cancer and to inspire others to be part of the search for the cure.

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