In this special episode of NETWise, listen as we talk about COVID-19. As a NET patient, you may have additional risk for serious illness from COVID-19, so we share some tips for avoiding infection, managing your NET treatment, and staying mentally healthy during this challenging time.

NETRF CEO, Elyse Gellerman, chatted with Dr. Mark Lewis, NET patient and the Director of Gastrointestinal Oncology at Intermountain Healthcare, about the ten things patients and caregivers want to know about NETs and COVID-19. Portions of that interview are included in this podcast. Watch the entire interview on NETRF’s YouTube page.

Stay up to date with your local and national health authorities and your NETs care team for the latest information.  NETRF has an entire section of our website dedicated to COVID-19 information as well as NET-specific resources.

This podcast and the information it contains is current as of its recording date on April 7.

Information from NETRF about COVID-19

Ten Things You Want to Know About COVID-19 and NETs – Webinar with Dr. Mark Lewis and Elyse Gellerman

Online NET groups

Inspire (groups for lung, GI, and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors)

Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) Carcinoid Cancer Online Support Group

Information about telemedicine and telehealth

In-home injection programs

Ipsen offers a home injection program for lanreotide, through its IPSEN CARES® program at (866) 435-5677.

Novartis offers a mobile administration program for long-acting octreotide through its Patient Assistance Now Oncology (PANO) program at 1-800-282-7630.

Tools for advocacy and self-care

National Organization for Rare Disorders webinar on Self-Advocacy and Care Coordination featuring Laran Hyder, NETRF Director of Patient Education and Outreach.

NorCal CarciNET Community


Patient Advocate Foundation

Online resources for drug and alcohol addiction

Free Online Entertainment



Games and Puzzles