Episode 19 is the first of two episodes that will discuss a topic near and dear to us here at NETRF: NET research. Advancing NET research is the core of our mission, and it’s a crucial need, because NETs are extremely complicated cancers and there is still a lot the medical community needs to learn about them. 

How do scientists do research, from beginning to end? And what are some of the challenges that specifically face NET researchers as they work through that process?  Learn why basic research in the laboratory is crucial to discovering new treatments. Clinical trials are just the last stage of this process, and they cannot happen without years of careful pre-clinical work, which is often underappreciated and underfunded.

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NET experts featured in this episode:

Use our episode infographics to get a visual picture of some of the things we have discussed.

John Kanki, PhD
Director of Research

Dawn Quelle, PhD 
Professor of Pharmacology and Neurology
Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Iowa, College of Medicine
Co-Chair of NETRF Board of Scientific Advisors

Ramesh Shivdasani, MD, PhD 
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Harvard Medical School
NETRF Board of Scientific Advisors

Chrissie Thirlwell, MD, PhD
Mireille Gillings Professor of Cancer Genomics
University of Exeter 

Co-Chair of NETRF Board of Scientific Advisors