Unique challenges for young people with NETs

Facing a diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer, when you are a teenager or young adult, presents unique medical, social, financial, and even fertility challenges. How do you navigate the healthcare system? Who do you tell about your illness and when? Will you be able to have a career? Can you have children?

In this episode, hear from NET experts Dr. Jaydira Del Rivero and Dr. Manisha Shah about the diagnosis of NETs and prognosis in young people.  Kalen Fletcher, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, talks about young people’s emotional reactions to living with cancer.  Dr. Mark Lewis, a patient and physician, shares his story. We also hear from Sophia Hurtado and her mother Maryanne about Sophia’s courage.

The world of “AYA” patients—adolescents and young adults—does not have to be isolating. There is hope and support if you know where to look.