NETs are easily missed. In fact, 50% of patients will have stage 4 cancer by the time they are properly diagnosed.

Congressman Joaquin Castro speaks at NETRF’s Austin, TX patient education conference.

U.S.Congressman Joaquin Castro discovered he had neuroendocrine tumors by a fluke accident. After giving a talk in Spain, while returning to his hotel, his driver hit a wild boar and the congressman was taken to the hospital. His healthcare team insisted on a CT scan to look for internal injuries but instead, found NETs. Click here to listen to Congressman Castro talk about NETs. 

Bridget Houser endured years of unexplained symptoms, with many doctors telling her she was “simply anxious.” Read her remarkable journey to a diagnosis here, courtesy of The Washington Post. 

Every NET story matters, and every NET story that we can share will help raise awareness about this easily missed cancer.

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