“Kath Bowl 2024” Raises Awareness, Funds for the Katherine Mueller NET Research Fund

“Kath Bowl” is an annual event organized by Katherine Mueller’s husband, Matt.
“We hold this event every year to celebrate Katherine’s heavenly birthday,” said Matt.
“This was our third year, and we filled the bowling alley with more than 150 beloved family members and friends, monopolizing all 32 lanes.”
“Kath Bowl” trophies are brightly bedazzled to represent the big, beautiful, shining light that is Katherine’s legacy,” said Matt.
Although the goal of the event is to gather Kath’s Army for a birthday celebration, more than $4,000.00 has been raised by this annual event and supports the Katherine Mueller NET Research Fund.  
“It’s so humbling, to me, the fact that I am able to fill an entire bowling alley each year with just a few email blasts, it is really a testament to the amazing person Katherine was.”