NETRF Research Symposium Sparks Research Excitement in Boston!

NETRF’s 2023 Margie and Robert E Petersen Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Symposium brought together a hundred of the world’s foremost neuroendocrine cancer scientists in Boston. The 16th annual Symposium, held from November 15-17, showcased the latest advancements in NET research, providing a dynamic platform for grantees to share their groundbreaking work and foster collaborations.

 A Global Gathering of Minds 

Every year our research community grows, and this year was no exception. Symposium attendees represented twelve countries around the world and 50 prestigious research institutions. The event kicked off with a lively poster session, where 20 researchers shared their discoveries with colleagues, NETRF’s Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board members, staff, and specially invited guests.

Cutting-Edge Discussions and Pioneering Insights 

Throughout Thursday and Friday’s general sessions, the spotlight shone on personalized medicine, enhanced strategies for detecting NETs, and advancements in theranostics and immunotherapy. Twenty-nine researchers discussed their progress, with many expressing gratitude to NETRF for providing pivotal grants that propelled them into the field of NET research.

Dr. James Bibb, from the University of Arizona, noted the multitude of potential targets for NET treatments identified by NETRF grantees. “NETRF is the engine that is driving this bold new world,” he added, capturing the spirit of innovation propelling our community forward.

A Resounding Success and Thanks 

In closing remarks, Board of Scientific Advisors co-chairs, Drs. Dawn Quelle and Chrissie Thirlwell, echoed their excitement at witnessing the continued evolution of neuroendocrine cancer research. They applauded the engagement and collaboration of the scientific community, highlighting the shared commitment to advancing our understanding of NETs.

NETRF extends heartfelt thanks to all Symposium participants, Directors, staff, scientific advisors, and guests for contributing to the resounding success of this conference. A special acknowledgment goes to the dedicated scientists devoted to unraveling the mysteries of NETs.

Stay tuned for the Symposium presentations, soon to be posted on our website,