Merci Montreal and NANETS

CEO Elyse Gellerman and Director of Patient Education Jessica Thomas joined 400 NET specialists, researchers, and patient advocates in Montreal for the NANETS 2023 Symposium.  The meeting featured discussions of basic and clinical research focused on better understanding the biological basis of neuroendocrine cancer, developing new treatments including combinations of medications, and identifying factors that impact patient access and experience.

Dr. Po Hien Ear of the University of Iowa presents her work on small bowel NETs at the NANETS 2023 Symposium.

A number of NETRF grantees presented their funded work or related projects. Drs. Claire Mulvey, Po Hien Ear, Netta Makinen, Eleonora Pelle, and Mauro Cives had scientific posters included in the poster session.  NETRF Board of Scientific Advisors (BOSA) Co-chair Dr. Dawn Quelle and BOSA member Dr. Daniel Halperin moderated scientific sessions.

At NANETS 2023, Board member Josh Mailman, NETRF’s Elyse Gellerman and Jessica Thomas, and the team from who developed the NET Clinical Trial Finder.

NETRF Board member and NorCal Carcinet President Josh Mailman and CEO Danielle Ralic highlighted the NET Clinical Trial Finder at the meeting. The NET Clinical Trial Finder, available on NETRF’s website, helps patients more easily find clinical trials that are relevant to them.

NETRF CEO Elyse Gellerman presents the NETRF/NANETS Basic Translational Science Investigator Award to Iacovos Michael, PhD, At NANETS 2023 Symposium.

NETRF funds a collaborative grant with NANETS, called the Basic Translational Science Investigator.  At the Annual Meeting, NETRF CEO Elyse Gellerman presented the 2023 BTSI Award to Dr. Iacovos Michael, a scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute and University of Toronto.  With this two-year grant, Dr. Michael will be studying the development of microRNA-based liquid biopsies to evaluate whether a set of microRNAs can be used to for diagnose and monitor small-bowel NETs. Overall, this research should provide insight into the role of microRNAs as drivers and biomarkers for small-bowel NETs.

Two past NETRF grantees were recognized at the NANETS Annual Meeting for their commitment to their field.  Dr. Emily Bergsland, of the University of California at San Francisco, received the 2023 Outstanding Service Award for her many years of leadership in NANETS.  Dr. Renuka Iyer, of Roswell Park Cancer Center, was named the 2023 Distinguished Mentor for her mentorship of students and young researchers. Congratulations to all those recognized for their commitment to NETs!

NET Patient Advocates, including NETRF’s Elyse Gellerman, Jessica Thomas and Board member Josh Mailman, attended NANETS 2023 to hear about new developments in clinical research and care.