Cookies for Cancer

In December 2022, four neighborhood girls from Libertyville, Il, gathered to support cancer research for the Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation with a “Cookies for Cancer” bakery sale. These pals, aged 10-12, worked with their parents to create a menu of bakery items, establish an ordering process, set pricing, and devise how they would fulfill orders. They designed a three-page flyer, and pulled their younger siblings into the effort, coaching them on how to package the flyers for distribution as well as put them into mailboxes. The first order was received inside 2 hours, and within three days, the girls had an abundance of cookie sales and donations. They quickly pivoted to baking and delivery with the help of their parents. Below is their menu and a photo of this amazing team:

A huge thank you to the generous supportive neighbors in the Wineberry subdivision of Libertyville, IL for making the first Cookies for Cancer a huge success. The girls raised $3100 and made over 500 cookies in the midst of a busy holiday season. And the effort helped the girls understand the meaning of selfless work and helping others. We are so proud of them!