Suzanne Ludlow Joins NETRF Board of Directors

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) elected Suzanne Ludlow to its Board of Directors. Suzanne first became involved with NETRF after her late husband Vince’s journey with neuroendocrine cancer. 

“I’m honored to accept this board position and eager to get to work,” said Suzanne. “Although we did not have the enormous resources of NETRF when we were navigating my husband’s diagnosis, education is crucial to making informed decisions, and I want others to understand the complexities of this rare cancer sooner than we did, so that all can seek out the best care for themselves in a timely manner. I’m committed to helping to ensure that access to care and new treatments are available to all, regardless of race or other category.” Because of her interest in NET research and patient advocacy, Suzanne generously funded the development of NETRF’s “Neuroendocrine Cancer:  A Guide for Patients and Families.”

“Suzanne is a tremendous advocate for NETRF, and we are excited to welcome her to our Board,” said Elyse Gellerman, NETRF’s Chief Executive Officer. “Her professional experience in public service and coalition building will be instrumental in helping us shape future strategic plans and projects for NETRF,” she added. 

A retired city manager of Takoma Park, Maryland, Suzanne was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the municipality. She is a certified planner and public manager, and has received accolades for excellence in finance, planning, public safety, and efforts to promote race equity and climate change resilience. She enjoys mentoring young professionals interested in local government public service. She holds a BA from Oberlin College and an MS in Urban Affairs/Economic Development from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.