Faces of Philanthropy: Ed Peine

Honoring Jan’s legacy

Ed Peine remembers the first time that he and his wife Jan met Nancy Lindholm, the founder of Caring for Carcinoid, at a patient education conference in Pennsylvania.  Nancy asked Ed and Jan to come to a small gathering after the conference. Ed explains that Nancy told them about her idea to raise money for neuroendocrine cancer research. He recalls her saying “we need to have some research that focuses on our cancer.” From that day, Ed and Jan, who was diagnosed with a NET in 2005, have supported the cause.

Jan gave back to the NET community in other ways as well. Through the times she felt well and the times she faced the physical challenges of treatment, she was always there for other NET patients. Jan formed a patient support group in Houston in 2006 and served as its leader until 2013. Ed says she kept notes on every patient who reached out to her for education and support.  She had tremendous energy to help fellow patients and guide them to the educational resources they sought. 

Ed and Jan generously supported Caring for Carcinoid in the early years and Ed has continued this commitment after Jan’s passing in 2014. What attracted them to Caring for Carcinoid, now Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation, was the sharp focus on funding research.  “The fact that NETRF reaches out and makes sure that anyone who has a good research idea gets funding, with an impressive scientific panel to evaluate those ideas and decide who gets funding,” says Ed. “That is impressive to me.”

Ed’s hope for the future is that research continues to advance our ability to prolong the lives of those with neuroendocrine cancer.  “I would consider research to be a success if it adds to the quantity and quality of life,” says Ed. 

In recognition of 15 years of consecutive giving, NETRF has named Ed Peine a member of our Founders Giving Society.  We are honored by your commitment and outstanding support!