Delayed NET Diagnosis is a Worldwide Problem

This year’s NET Cancer Day focused on the all-too-common experience of delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis among those with neuroendocrine tumors. INCA, International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance, released results of its Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics, Treatments, and Care for NET Patients (SCAN). This global survey of NET patients and healthcare professionals confirmed that almost half of NET patients had neuroendocrine cancer that had spread to other organs at the time of diagnosis.  

The average time to diagnosis among those surveyed was 5 years, lower in Asia and higher in North America (Europe – 4.05 years vs. North America – 6.44 years vs. Asia – 2.28 vs. Oceania – 4.81 years). Four out of five misdiagnosed patients globally (81%) failed to receive a correct diagnosis within 1 year (North America (86%); Oceania (82%); Europe (80%); Asia (72%). See more about the SCAN results in this video

People with NETs around the world shared their diagnostic journeys.  See some of the many faces of NETs in this short video: 

November is Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Month, with November 10th designated as NET Cancer Day (WNCD), an awareness event marked around the world.  INCA organizes NET Cancer Day each year and represents 26 patient advocacy organizations from 22 countries.  NETRF is a proud member of INCA.