Making An Everlasting Impact Tribute

How do you honor an exceptional life? How do you celebrate the impact one person has made on the world? How can you extend that impact into the future?

Last October, NETRF launched the Everlasting Impact Tribute for families interested in honoring their loved one’s memory by increasing their impact on neuroendocrine cancer research. 

The need is great. So little is known about neuroendocrine cancer. Very few organizations invest in researching it.  An Everlasting Impact Tribute turns awareness into action.

To date, five incredible individuals have been recognized with Everlasting Impact Tributes:

an Oregon lawyer who passed on her 50th birthday leaving behind two sons and three stepchildren. 

a 42-year-old Michigan man whose passing left a huge hole in the hearts of all who knew him. 

an 18-year-old Eagle Scout who was only a few months into his freshman year at college. 

a passionate and dedicated leader in the NET community who launched a support group in the Nation’s Capital. 

a 78-year-old grandmother of five who cherished every day with her family in her seaside home on Cape Cod.

Gifts in memory of these individuals, and the hundreds of others who have selected NETRF as their memorial charity, keep a flame alive in the hearts of those who knew them. Memorial gifts are not only made in lieu of flowers. Memorial gifts can be made any time of year, for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions.

In 2019, 323 families and friends paid tribute to their loved ones through meaningful expressions of love and hope, raising close to a half-million dollars for NETRF.

Not every tribute is a memorial gift. You can honor anyone at any time with a gift. Read the touching dedications people made in recognition of their physicians and nurses with NETRF’s Honor a NET Care Provider program.

To find the best way you can make a difference, learn about our Ways to Give and contact our Development Coordinator, Laken Baird at or call us at 617-946-1780.