Rose Affirmations Postcards

Daiva Debra Minter, visual artist and photographer, created a Rose Affirmations Postcard Book series as a NETRF fundraiser.  This beautiful, inspirational 4 x 6-inch book of 12 perforated glossy postcards of colorful roses contains positive affirmations. The postcard book may be enjoyed as part of a daily practice of prayer, meditation, motivation, or self-compassion. They are also suitable for framing or mailing. The images and messages in the series can help people with self-care for the body, mind, and spirit, according to Daiva Debra Minter.

Minter is a professional fine art and corporate photographer who has been widely published. As a survivor of advanced pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer for more than eight years, Minter works to make her voice heard as a NET patient advocate. A graduate of Hippocrates Health Institute and certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, Minter also practices healing arts in addition to creative arts.

Postcard books are available for $25, including shipping and handling

To purchase a Rose Affirmations Postcard Book, contact her by or Instagram: ddminta.