Biking for Debbie

With signs on their bicycles and NETRF shirts on their backs, nine riders took to the trails of North Central Railroad in Ashland, Maryland, to raise funds for neuroendocrine tumor (NET) research for the sixth year in a row. Cyclists rode a variety of distances to York County Heritage Trails in Pennsylvania in recognition of Debbie Brickner who has been living with NETs for nine years. 

Vicki’s annual trek

Debbie’s sister, Vicki Dailey, annually rides 82 miles and organizes this special event. “We are still going strong and each year a few new riders join and we always have some veteran riders as well,” said Vicki. “I believe we have raised over $10,000 since we started and it’s great that this year’s proceeds will be matched through the Spark Hope campaign.” 

Vicki learned how to conduct a fundraiser at NETRF’s website. “I went to the webpage and it had all the info on how to start a fundraiser. I filled out the form and I was able to get donations from that,” said Vicki. 

Debbie’s backstage involvement 

To aid Vicki’s efforts, Debbie gets involved with thank you gifts for those who support the ride. “Debbie bakes, packages up cookies, and writes thank-you notes,” says Vicki. “It’s nice to involve her in our ongoing efforts.” 

When Debbie’s symptoms first appeared in her early 40s, she was told she was experiencing early menopause. “Debbie knew something wasn’t right. She kept pressing. She was determined to save her own life,” said Vicki. “Doctors weren’t listening. She made the rounds for three years.” Debbie was 45 when she was diagnosed.

Vicki said Debbie faces her neuroendocrine cancer journey with optimism, perseverance, and strength, something Vicki reminds herself of when she is pedaling the last few miles or climbing a steep hill.

Already planning next year’s event, Vicki says “Biking for Debbie” is going to be back on the trails again in 2020.

Get Involved

You can Spark Hope for a brighter future. Make a gift. Host an event. Or volunteer to help us advance our understanding of NETs.