Celebrating what brings us together

Elyse at podium, three women seated at table with microphones
Elyse Gellerman, NETRF CEO, moderates a patient and caregiver panel during 2018 Chicago conference

Making progress in NETs

As we get ready to welcome 2019, we want to thank those who helped NETRF make 2018 so memorable. This year, with your help, we climbed mountains, reached new heights, and are ready for the next part of our journey to find better treatments and cures.

Sparking Hope for NET patients

When I think back on 2018, I see a person in the crowd—at an educational program or a support group meeting—who is newly diagnosed with NETs. The person, whether female or male, young or old, is always hungry for information and worried about what the future holds. After we talk about new treatments and NETRF-funded research, and the other group members share experiences, you can see a change. As the individual takes it all in, their facial expression, posture, even tone of voice become more comfortable, more hopeful. We have sparked hope.

You can feel lost, alone, and frightened when you face an uncommon type of cancer. We offer people and their families information, insight, and a community in which they can find answers  and the best available care.

Being there for you

In 2018, we went to more places. We hosted patient and caregiver conferences in Houston, Chicago, and New York City. We joined hands with community partners at conferences in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. I feel fortunate to have visited a number of support groups across the country to meet with and listen to those living with NETs. In 2019, we would like to hear more about what you have to say. Your questions and suggestions for our eUpdate newsletter help us share relevant information to improve daily living. We want to highlight the patient voice in the content we offer you. I’d like to thank David, Josie, Dave, Ronny, Stacie, Brendan and Deb for sharing their stories with us and you.

A brighter future

Know that we are making progress against NETs. NETRF has invested a total of more than $4 million in NET research this year and for most of the 2018 investigators, this is their first NETRF grant. We have grantees on three continents and continue to recruit accomplished scientists to the field.

The approval of PRRT in the United States also stands out as a 2018 milestone. Now, this important treatment is available to so many more Americans. NETRF is investing in research to improve and refine PRRT to increase its safety, precision, and to broaden the number of individuals able to benefit from this therapy.

What’s ahead in 2019

Next year, as we climb the next mountains, look for a new NETRF website with more patient information and user-friendly features. We’ll also launch an exciting new program to deliver patient education to you when and where you want it.

In the next few months, we’ll announce our next group of research grants, including our first grant dedicated to lung NET research.

We would not be able to accomplish all of this without the generous and loyal support of our community. Thank you to all the new donors who joined us this year and those of you who continue to support our mission.

On behalf of our team, Board of Directors, and Scientific Advisors, we wish you a happy holiday and a bright new year.