Researchers share their ideas for a cure

Over the summer, NETRF issued a request for applications (RFA) to the international research community—help us to cure NETs with transformative ideas for scientific and clinical research. We are pleased to report that we are now evaluating a record number of submissions from researchers who want to focus their efforts on the search for NET cures.

Researchers submit their ideas for finding a cure

The RFA promoted three different types of research grants, varying in value and time length. The largest response was for short exploratory pilots to test novel ideas. The total response exceeded last year’s by close to 30%. Sixteen countries were represented in the pool of applications, including many European countries, Australia, India, and Japan. One-third of the applications were from researchers new to the study of NETs.

Expanding the number of NET researchers

“One of our strategic goals is to expand the number of scientists conducting NET research,” said Ron Hollander, NETRF Executive Director. “Seeing one in three applications from people working in other areas, but interested in committing themselves to finding a cure for NETs is a true measure of our success in raising the visibility and urgency in solving this disease.”

Promoting the power of team science

Applicants reflect a range of disciplines, covering the areas of gastrointestinal oncology, molecular medicine, medical pharmacology, chemical biology, biotechnology, and nuclear medicine, to mention a few. Many proposals are from multi-disciplinary teams, including basic scientists, clinicians, and surgeons from diverse backgrounds, with each member bringing a unique perspective and skill set to help solve the problem.

Moving ideas from bench to bedside

“We are very pleased that the applications reflect the full range of investigations: from basic science to translational and clinical projects designed to improve prognosis, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions,” said Effie Tzameli, Ph.D., NETRF Director of Research.

Supporting the most exceptional science

All grant applications are evaluated through a stringent review process. NETRF’s Board of Scientific Advisors, in addition to external reviewers, considers each application based on commonly accepted merit indicators to select the most promising and meaningful proposals. The selected grantees will be announced in January.

Searching for the CURE

NETRF is the leading nonprofit funder of high-caliber scientific and clinical NET research. Since 2005, we have awarded more than $18 million in research grants. Learn more about past research programs. Help us discover new and improved ways to treat NETs.