A Community Again Comes Together for a Cause

The 7th annual memorial golf tournament on behalf of Jacob Carwile took place on a hot July day at the Hidden Valley Golf & Country Club, Livingston, Tennessee. Like every year, Earl Carwile set out early to place sponsorship signs at every tee before the first round of golfers headed out onto the nine-hole course for the first of two tee times. Earl and his wife Barbara have teamed up with a neighbor, who also lost a son too early to cancer, to host this community tradition, which raises money for cancer research. A portion of the proceeds benefits NETRF.

Organizers of the 7th Annual Memorial Golf  Tournament for Cancer Research, Livingston, TN

Jacob died in 2010 from neuroendocrine cancer at the age of 35. He was a musician, star football player, dad, and coach. On the eve of the tournament, his life was celebrated during a benefit dinner for 200 and a silent auction.

It is an event not to be missed. People from miles around Livingston to support it. “People here are so good and kind. It is just good old hospitality,” said Barbara Carwile.

Jacob’s family members and friends sang and played with some of Jacob’s friends from the Nashville music scene, who, even though their careers had taken them elsewhere, returned to pay tribute to a talented musician and one of their favorite “Hogeyes” (a playful reference to Jacob’s high school football team).

“We feel privileged to be a beneficiary of this event; It is so heartfelt and meaningful,” said Laran Hyder, Associate Director of Outreach and Development, NETRF. “We are honored to pursue a cure to NETs on Jacob’s behalf.”