Accelerating our understanding of neuroendocrine tumors to find better treatments

NETRF sent out a request for proposals to the worldwide NET research community to recruit innovative, breakthrough ideas to transform our understanding of NETs. The response was overwhelming. Using a rigorous, structured process, NETRF’s Board of Scientific Advisors, Board of Directors, and staff carefully selected the most innovative, promising, and transformative proposals. With a combined value of $4 million, the 2017 NETRF research grants focus on the fundamental drivers of the disease. They utilize next generation sequencing, gene editing, and bioengineering to help identify therapeutic targets.

Learn how we will harness the most powerful tools available to decipher this perplexing, evasive disease.

Stronger teams, world renown investigators

“We have intensively collaborative research programs this year, with multi-disciplinary, multi-institution teams with international leaders,” said Ron Hollander, executive director, NETRF.

“You must first understand a disease before you can cure it”
– Effie Tzameli, PhD., Director of Research, NETRF
This year NETRF launched its Accelerator Grants program offering teams of leading researchers large, multi-year grants to answer persistent, complex, and unanswered questions that impede advances in treatment.

“You must first understand a disease before you can cure it,” said Effie Tzameli, PhD. She explained that this first round of Accelerator Grants lay the groundwork for future proposals that move findings from the bench to the bedside.

In pursuit of patient care improvements

“We need to change the experience for NET patients,” said Hollander. “Patients need more treatment options, better informed providers, and the fundamental acknowledgement that someone is working on their behalf using all the latest advances in science to cure this disease.”

NETRF’s 2017 research grants were made possible by generous philanthropic gifts. The Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation’s recent $15 million gift helped support the launch of the Accelerator Grant program.

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