Dr. Chrissie Thirlwell Joins NETRF’s Board of Scientific Advisors

The NET Research Foundation is delighted to welcome Dr. Chrissie Thirlwell, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Medical Oncology at the Royal Free Hospital NET Unit and University College London Cancer Institute, to our Board of Scientific Advisors (BOSA). “Dr. Thirlwell will bring to the BOSA the unique perspective of a clinician and scientist who is at the cutting edge of laboratory research and clinical care in neuroendocrine tumors,” commented Dr. Ramesh Shivdasani, Co-Chair of the BOSA. The BOSA provides scientific direction to the NET Research Foundation by offering independent, expert advice. “I was delighted to be invited to join the NET Research Foundation Board of Scientific Advisors,” said Dr. Thirlwell. “My job as a neuroendocrine tumor clinician scientist puts me in a unique position to see where the clinical need is for our patients and take this into the laboratory, with the aim of improving outcomes and treatments for all of our patients.” NETRF’s BOSA is comprised of highly distinguished medical leaders who share a commitment to discovering a cure for neuroendocrine cancer. All members are pioneers in medical research, published authors in the top peer-reviewed medical journals, and leaders of collaborative research projects at top-ranked universities and institutes. “Over the last five years,” Dr. Thirlwell stated, “I have built up a NET biobank and research team focused solely on furthering our understanding of NET development and improving diagnosis, prognostication and therapeutic options. Our team has also developed analysis of the ‘liquid biopsy’ of circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA, which can give clinicians an idea of whether a patient is responding to a treatment much sooner than a CT scan. These are exciting times for NET research and there is much work to be done.” Read Dr. Thirlwell’s bio.