NET Cancer Awareness Day 2015

Each year, the greater NET community uses NET Cancer Awareness Day to raise awareness about NETs and the need for timely diagnosis and access to optimal treatment and care. The NET Research Foundation is proud to be a member of the Board of Directors of the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA), which is coordinating this effort worldwide.

In honor of NET Cancer Awareness Day, we are highlighting our commitment to making a difference and transforming the landscape of neuroendocrine cancer research. We have proposed major initiatives to shape our project portfolio and push research progress to new heights over the next year. We have been purposeful to direct our research initiatives to produce results to understand how neuroendocrine tumors tick and how to defeat them. We are committed to:

  • Understanding tumor biology to discover possible biomarkers, targeted treatments and tools for earlier diagnosis;
  • Building a strong bench of committed researchers through grants and awards to support young investigators and emerging research talent;
  • Leveraging exciting developments in cancer immunotherapy and potential targeted therapy breakthroughs in other cancers, and bringing the leading techniques and experts to the work to control and cure NETs;
  • Providing objective, valid and actionable information and guidance to patients and families dealing with neuroendocrine cancers.

Help us spread the word about NET Cancer Awareness Day to give hope for the future to patients suffering from neuroendocrine cancer. Visit our new website to learn more about our impact on NET research.

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NET Cancer Awareness Day 2015