Identifying altered epigenetic states and drivers in intestinal carcinoid and pancreatic NETs

Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD

Year: 2013
Institution: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Country: United States
State: MA
Award Type: NETRF GRANTS 2005-2017
NET Type: Multiple
Science Type: Basic

General Description

This one-year Pilot Project will aim to develop a new experimental model that can be used to study NET formation and progression. Using 3D hydrogel technology developed in the Piyush Gupta lab at Whitehead Institute — that allows other tumors isolated from patients to grow with greater than 90 percent success — Kuperwasser, Gupta, and colleagues will apply this technique to grow ileum and appendix NETs. The researchers will use this experimental model to understand how NETs grow inside the intestine or the appendix and will try to establish NET cell lines that could ultimately be used to assess therapeutic response.