Spark Hope Donor Honor Roll

July 2018 – May 2020

Thank you for making NETRF’s Spark Hope campaign a success

We want to salute the 3,900 individuals who contributed $5 million to the Spark Hope campaign. Your generosity is making a tremendous impact on NET research and helping to improve, extend, and save lives. In special recognition of the campaign’s matching donor, we extend our sincerest appreciation to the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation for their generous gift of $5 million.

Thank You for your Gift!

We greatly appreciate every gift given to the Spark Hope Campaign, and we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. Please contact our team of any inaccuracies or omissions by contacting us at, we regret any errors.

Spark Hope Donors


3nine USA, Inc

Aberthaw Construction Co., Inc.

Advanced Accelerator Applications USA

AFC Lightning U12 Girls

Africrest Properties

Alban Tractor Co., Inc.

Alexander Animal Hospital, LLC

Altschuler Family

AM Gable Heating and Cooling

Amazon Smile Foundation

American College of Physicians

American United Life Insurance Company

Annie E. Casey Foundation


Athol Savings Bank

Avenues for Health

BAE Systems Inc. Communications Team

Bae Systems Shared Services Inc.

Baird Foundation

Baker Hughes Foundation

Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation

Bank of America Matching Gift Program

Barclays PLC

Bay Breeze Animal Clinic

BELAY Pay It Forward


Beta Nu Master Sorority

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Needham

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Beyond Beauties

BIDMC Internal Medicine Residency Program

Big L Corporation

Big Rapids Cash and Carry

BioInnovation Group, Inc.

Bishop Watterson Athletic Association

The Student Body of Bishop Watterson High School

Blenheim Construction, Inc.

Boeing Company

Bowditch and Dewey

The Brenda Trust

BrickStreet Insurance

Bright Funds Foundation

Bristol-Myers Squibb Matching Gift Program

Caldwell Arts

Calvary’s Thunder CMA Chaper #483

Carl Sandburg High School Teachers’ Association

Carolina Thunderbirds Hockey

Carolinas Convention Group

Cascade Partners

Central Indiana Surgery Center

Charity Gift Certificates

Clive J. Davis Foundation

Broyles Family

Business Affairs, Inc.

C&S Wholesale Grocers


Clement Hardware Inc

CMI Communications

CMS Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

Comcast Spotlight

Conceptual Fitness Inc

Container Systems & Equipment

Cornerstone-Guild Mortgage

Creative Force Dance Center

Criterion Systems

CVS Pharmacy #4461

Devese, Inc.

Disney Financial Systems

Dover-Sherborn Regional School District

Dragonfly Therapeutics

Dynasplint Systems


Anonymous (34)

Ilyse Goldman Aaron

Wendy Aaron

Dr. Kathleen Abalos

Dina Abdel-Maksoud

Ms. Shabana Abdullah

Ms. Sayaka Abe

Andrew Abler

Maria Abouhalkah

Angela Abraham

Ms. Carol Abrams

Dr. Mahmoud AbuHazeem

Dr. Lopamudra Acharya

Larry Achtemichuk

Mr. Spencer Acker

Mr. David Ackerman

Teresa Acrea

Olga Adame

Mr. Ralph Adams

Mr. Tom Adams

Ms. Janet Adams

Stephanie Holtz Adams and Tom Adams

Florence Adams

Linda Adams

Daniel Adducci

Mrs. Karen Adhikari

Mr. Jim Adkins

Jesse and Jan Adler

Steven and Darlene Admire

Law Office of Carl D. Aframe

Michael and Jodie Agan

Cyrus and Caroline Agarabi

Ms. Anupama Agarwal

Kenneth Agather

Kaitlin and Greg Ahart

Dr. Andrew Ahn

Hee Ahn

Cindy Aiello

Dr. Sally Aiken

Ishan Ajwani

Ms. Muna Akhtar

Jodi and Lee Akst

David Albo

Mary Aldacushion

Andrew and Anne Alexander

David and Kay Alexander

Daphne and Gus Alexander

Mrs. Freddie Alexander

Gina Alfano

Desiree Koh and Mahmood Ali

Faisal Ali

Nikhita Allam

Linda and Skip Allen

Lori Van Allen

Mr. and Mrs. John Allen

Elaine Allen

Janice Allen

Mrs. Robin Allen

Ms. Nancy Allen

Rahbia Allen

Stewart Allen

Jo Ellen Allenberg

Lynn Alley

Cindy Almeida

Cindy and Gary Alsobrook

Sam Altenhofen

Saeid Amel

Asia Amin

Rina Amir

Gigi Anand

Chhavi Anand

Jeanne and Anthony Anastasi

Ms. Kristen Andersen

Florence Anderson

Geoff Anderson

Mr. Eric Anderson

Paul Anderson

Sandra Anderson

Chad Anderson

Gail Harter and Karen Anderson

Linda Anderson

Bonnie Andol

Marie Andol

Jorge and Lillian Andrade

Amy Andrews

Andy Sokol and Jeanette Andy

Christine and Carl Angelo

Terry Angstadt

Patti and Joe Annunziata

Jennifer Anquetil

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Antocci

Emelia Appel

Lynn Appelbaum

Gloria and Nelson Applegate

Susan Apter

Stuart Arbury

Brian Matthew Archipley

Arania Archoleka

Ronni and Jonathan Arden

Gary Arlen

Phillip and Hailey Armour

Richard and Lori Armstrong

Mrs. Karen Armstrong

Joel Arneson

Joan Arnold

Betty and Jerry Arntson

Ms. Shalini Arora

Dan Schwarz and Jafet Arrieta

Erin Anastasi and Steven Arrowsmith

Ms. Dana Asher

Kathleen Askler

Mr. Frederick Assini

Alison and Peter Atallah

Kristin Athey

Sally and Michael Athmer

Dr. Massuda Atta

Bruno Cloutier and Helene Aubut

Joel Austad

Brooke Austin

William Austin

Alex Felstenstein and Steven Aveni

Beth Averett

Robert Avery

Ms. Alexandra Avia

Isikhuemwen Azeta and Katrina Azeta

Ali and Diana Azhdarinia

Ghania Akiki and Jamil Azzi

Jennifer Bachman

Caroline and Mikey Backman

Molly Backstrom

Sara Fazio and Lindsey Baden

Cassandra Badger

Jeffrey and Naomi Baer

Mania Baghdadi

Brent Bailey

Fred and Carol Bailey

Gary and June Bair

Jen and Rob Baker

Jonathan Baker

Dr. Howard Balick

Pamela and Steven Ball

Phylis and David Ballard

Ms. Kate Foley Ballute

Samantha Ballway

R. Craig and Rebecca Balzer

Aditi Bansal

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bantle

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bantle

Mary Barber

Saeed Barhoush

Robert Barker

Mrs. Rose Barlow

Katherine Barnard

Mrs. Catherine Barnard

Clay Barr

Gino Barra

Eileen Barrett

Michael Barron

Erik and Meredith Barrows

William Barsella

Ashley Bart

Anthony Barton

Belinda Young and Ian Bartos

Preetha Basaviah

Dr. Peter Basch

Rachel Bassett

Richard Bassett

Dr. Nisha Basu

Dr. Carol Bates

Patricia Bates

Christine Battalion

Amanda Battle

Mr. William Bauer

Mr. Eric Baughman

Dave Baumann

Ronald and Nelly Baxter

Jack Bay-Vinka

Jennifer Bayne

Douglas Bean

Chanel Beard

Tamera Beard

Robert Beattie

James Beatty

Marlys Beatty

Mr. Christopher Beaudin

Ron and Barbara Bechard

Jacquelyn Beck

Nancy Beck

Mrs. Jenine Beckel

Ms. Lillian Becker

Dr. Elana Beckerman

Dick Beckley

Julia Bedell

Chatham Beech Charitable Foundation

David and Claudia Beechuk

Sarina Behera

Mary Lynn Behringer

Beverly Belafonte

Kathy Van Beland

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Belcher

Ken and Sandi Belier

Edward and Bonnie Belkin

Sigall and Pete Bell

Paul and Josette Bellan

Mary and Joseph Bellew

Dr. Miriam Belmaker

Jeff Bender

Ms. Marci Benheim

Jennifer Benmouna

Mindy Benn

Gail Jaffe-Bennek and Rich Bennek

Mrs. Bonita Bennett

Norman and Sandra Bennett

Amanda Bennett

Sondra Bennett

Lillian and Glenn Benson

Michael Platoff and Jeannine Benson

Ms. Beverly Benson

Dorothy Benton

Mr. Solomon Beraki

Susan Beresh

Stephen Berg

Sandra Berger

Deborah and Russell Berger

Armand and Marilyn Bergeron

Brian and Sheri Bergeron

Janet Berglund

Nora and David Berklich

Arty Berko

Aaron Berkovich

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Berkowitz

Scott Perman and Lori Berkowitz

Leslie Berlin

Rachel Berls

Alexandre Berman

Jay Berman

Cindy Bernard

Mrs. Melissa Bernard

Ellen Berndt

Linda Berndt

Ms. Susan Berndt

Ms. Sarah Berndt

Robin Bernstein

Mrs. Kathy Berry

Susan Berryessa

Judith Berson

Michael and Katina Berta

Wayne and Jane Bessette

Sydney Bessnee

Jennifer Best

Mr. Kiplin Bettis

Suzanne Beukema

Anita Bhandari

Mr. Abbas Bhikhapurawala

Dr. Hussein Bhikhapurwala

Olga and Andrew Bicos

Neal and Pamela Biddick

Cory Ritter and Eric Bielke

Russell Bigwood

Ms. Vicki Bilenker

Cheryl Billo

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bilotta

Amy Binder

Kimberly Bingham

Cindy Mahrer and Timothy Birch

Kathie Bishop

Alan and Sandy Bittker

Arline Bittker

Ron Bittker

Gail Bjekich

Maryann Bjorkman

Kristie Bjornson

Joan Black

Barbara Blackburn

Charles and Patricia Blackley

Kathleen Blackwell

Catherine Blackwood

Jesse Blackwood

Joseph Blackwood

Nathan Blackwood

Stephen* and Nicole Blackwood

Timothy Blackwood

David Blackwood

Ms. Kimberly Blair

D. Steven and Linda Blake

Dan and Cynthia Blakinger

Tom Blaney

Susan Blanton

Michelle Blau

Dr. Lindsay Blazin

Janet and Jody Bleier

Darren and Kady Blend

Greg Blend

Steven Blend

Rory Blinn

Marcia Grkinich and Ronald Block

Mary and Charlie Block

Raymond and Dorothy Block

Meryl Bloomrosen

Mark and Cindy Blotner

Lisa Blue

Dr. Justine Blum

Amy Bly

William and Daphne Boardman

Christopher Bobb

Ryan Bobb

Richard and Rinda Boggs

Thomas and Bettilyn Bogia

Nicholas and Joyce Bohacz

Martin and Katherine Bohlmann

Bernard Boland

Daniel and Linda Boley

Sheryl Boling

Carl and Janet Bolno

Eric Bolt

Mrs. Katherine Bolterman

Carole Bond

Mr. Steve Bonifede

Erica Bonkowski

Shannon Bonsell

Karin Book

Sara and Ed Bopp

Gail Borgen

John and Sarah Borges

Neil and Andrea Borkowicz

Andrew and Katherine Borland

Murray and Deborah Borman

Yecenia and Josh Bosley

Melissa Bosselman

Emily Bottegal

Harold Bouis

Mr. Frederick Bovio

Dr. Mary Bowden

Dan Bowditch

Karen and Earl Bowerman

Wendell Bowerman

Pamela Bowers

Marillyn Bowman

Shira Boxer

Hannah and Alexander Boyd

Randy and Amy Boyd

Karen Boyko-Gate

Patrick and Mary Patricia Bozel

Ms. Marlene Bracken

Jenny Bradenbaugh

Elizabeth Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bradshaw

Ellen Brady

Paula Brager

Diane Bramlett

Tim and Carol* Branaman

Ms. Janet Brandon

Michael Branson

Lori Ann and David Brantner

Mary Lynne Bratton

Kate Brause

Ella Bray

Mrs. Lauren Brazg

Alexandra Zayas and Shannon Breen

Sharee Brell

William Brencher

Brian and Christina Brenneman

Gracie Bressoud

Dolores and John Brett

Jeanne Fribley and Kimberly Brew

Timothy Brice

Amanda Brickner

Wyatt Brickner

Shana Myers Brickner

Mr. Geoff Bridges

Jane Briggs-Bunting

Ms. Cindy Brightly

Dennis and Pamela Brizzolara

Ashley Broderick

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bromark

Laurence Bromberg

Jenny Brondyk

Mrs. Lynn Brooks

Carol Brown

Claudia Brown

Danielle Schrimmer and Chris Brown

David Brown

Ms. Kathleen Brown

Patricia Brown

Wendy Brown

Mr. C. D. Brown

Mr. Mark Brown

Stephen Brown

Michael and Terry Broyles

Evelyn Bruckner

George Brugnoli

Jennifer Brummett

Mary Brunjes

Dana Van Brunt

Hilarie Brush

Heath Bryan

Stephanie Bseirani

Virginia Bublitz

Thomas Bucks

Jennifer Buell

John and Becky Buffa

Steve Buffington

E.D. Bullard

Eric and Valerie Bumstead

James Burger

Luke Burger

Erica Burke

Erin Burke

Frank and Mary Lou Burke

Kevin Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Burke

Julius Yang and Laurie Burnett

Miss Tory Burnett

Mrs. Shellie Burnham

Jean Burns

Ed Burr

Byron Burt

Anthony Burton

LaVarne Burton

Robin and Drury Burton

Ms. Effie Burton

K.L Busch-Bernhardt

Joanie Butcher

James Butler

Kathleen Butler

Stephanie Butler

Joan Butwin

Sara Butz

Lidia Buzek

Robert Shoaf and Ewa Byczek

Wayne Bylsma

Kimberlyn Byrd

Barry Bzdek

Marni Cabe

Ray and Cathy Cadek

Nicole McQuade and Michael Cain

John and Diane Caird

Dr. John Caldwell

Clay Calhoun

Remelie Calilan

Jenny Call

Michael Callaghan

James Callahan

Helen Callans

Lorrie Callaway

Dr. Jessica Camacho

Jennifer Camens

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Campagnola

Ananda Campbell

Becky Campbell

Jade Campbell

Kevin Campbell

Mrs. Joanne Campbell

Pam Campbell

Sarah and Ritz Campbell

Jane Campbell

Uyen Campbell

Ron Krell and Susan Campbell-Krell

Myra and Ron Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Candito

Pamela Daughn and Dave Cannan

Michelle Cantor

Christina and Robert Cantrell

Peter and Carin Caras

Alexander and Allison Carbo

Mary and J.P. Carboni

Mr. Gregory Carchidi

Salvatore Cardinale

Mr. David Carlson

Wayne Carlson

Rebecca and William Carmack

Catherine and Bill Carmody

Greg and Janet Carmody

Robert Carney

Mary Carolla

Lorilyn Caron

Mrs. Jenna Carpenter

Michelle and Michael Carr

Merie and Tim Carrano

Adam Carrick

Deborah Carroll

Anne Carroll

Patricia Carter

John Caruso

Franklin Carver

Mrs. Marsha Carwell

Sandy Cary

Colleen Casciari

Carolina Casellini

Sean and Patti Cashman

Patricia Cashman

Tara Caste

William and Kathleen Caston

Ernesto Castro

Gordon Smith and Joe Castrovinci

Mrs. Karen Cavaioli

Mr. Joel Ceballos

George and Cindy Celia

John and Nancy Celick

Jennifer Cernik

Michael and Benita Cervantes

Tina Cervin

Scott Cesar

Mrs. Virginia Chacos

Doris Chan

Wai Chan

Jason Chan

Navneeta Chandra

Ms. Sheela Chandrasekhara

Nora Chang

Susan Yang and Lyndon Chang

Narong and Julia Chantara

Joe Chardella

Michael and Delta Charles

Wendy Charney and Cliff Charney

Harish Chatrathi

Rhonda Chatzkel

Kashif Chaudhry

Carlos Chaves

Howard Gleicher and Damon Chen

Peter and Sue Cheney

Marcie Cheney

Mrs. Melinda Chernosky

Mrs. Stacie Chevrier

Dr. Frank Chi

Henry Chiarelli

Bakul Chibber

Shirley Chickering

Kay and Harvey Childs

Amelia Chipetz

Herb and Caren Chirico

Brian Chisholm

Angela Chiu

Susan Chizner

Delaney Chmura

Elisa Choi

Anju Chopra

Paul Chosid

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Chuber

Brandon Chung

Michiko Terasaki and Michael Chung

Ms. Holly Churchhill

Clarissa Waites and Mark Churchland

Aaron Chusid

Robert and Donna Cianciulli

John Cianflone

Mary Lou and Gino Ciccotelli

Ernie and Kathleen Cicilioni

Russell Cipolla

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cipolone

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cipolone

Ms. Marie Cipolone

Elizabeth Voeller and Robert Claggett

Mr. Rockwell Clancy

Mrs. Sally Clancy

Donna Clark

Katherine Clark

Emilie Clark

Jeff and Liz Clark

Melissa Clark

Tellisa Clarke

Bonnie Clarke

Kirk Clear

Mrs. Joanna Cleary

Beverly and Bernard Clements

Lauren Clemmer

Patricia and Rick Cline

Stacey Clinesmith

Mr. Francis Cloak

Sharon Coakley

Katherin Cobbett

Sam Cochran

Bradley and Marian Cockrum

Luann and Rick Coe

Sally Coffey

Mr. Michael Cofone

Carl Cohen

Dr. Tamara Cohen

Paul Cohen

Debra Cohen

Mr. John Cohn

Ms. Mary Jo Colbeck

Cara Cole

Don Cole

Doreen Cole

James Cole

Shannon Cole

Marco Colella

Geron Coleman

Doug and Jane Collins

Nancy Collins

Mrs. Jill Collis

Valerie Colucci

Helene Combes

Dr. Katie Massey Combs

Susan and Billy Combs

Ms. Corinne Comer

Michael Comora

Lesley and Ronnie Compton

Whit Conary

Jeanette Concilio

Kimberly Condon

Ms. Sherri Condon

Cynthia Coney

Martha Conforti

Dale and Carol Conklin

Amanda Connell

J. Timothy and Mary Elizabeth Connolly

AnneMarie and William Connors

Mr. Jim Connors

Diana and Jim Conroy

Jennifer Conroy

Sue Contostavlos

Nora and Jonathan Contract

Barbara Conway

Boyd Cook

Mrs. Shirley Cook

Peter Cooke

Anita and Brian Cooke

Dr. Amanda Cooke

Thomas Cooney

Bruce Cooper

Mrs. Victoria Cooper

Chazz Cordova

Denise Corhron

Shelly Corn

Monique and Benjamin Cornell

Alan Cornfield

Deanna Corona

Tara Coronado

Danielle Corsetto

Reta Corson

Ms. Clara Cortes

Ms. Kathleen Cosgrove

Paula and Frank Costanzo

Mrs. Paula Costello

Jordan Cota

Mr. Thomas Cotter

David and Nancy Cotton

Clare Coupe Scott and Amy Coupe

Janet and Emile Courrege

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Coverly

Stephen Cox

Mr. and Mrs. John Coyne

Christine Crabbs

Doreen Crabtree

Suzanne Craig

Marilyn Craik

Thomas and Linda Crandell

Bill and Lynn Crane

Akil Crawford

Lauren Crawford

Alison Crawford

Ms. Rita Crawford

Teresa Crawford

Jacquelin Crescio

Jim and Sheila Criscuolo

Kevin and Rosie Criscuolo

Megan Criscuolo

Dr. Jonathan Crocker

Sandra Cross

Mr. Justin Crosswhite

Joseph and Janet Crouch

Theresa Croutch

Richard and Patrice Crovo

Mrs. Kathy Crow

Joan Crumpton

Veronica Cuello

Katherine Cullen

Mrs. Lori Cullen

Delva Culp

Bruce Cumming

Kevin Cumming

Lauren Cumming

Nancy Cumming

Taylor Cumming

Pat Cummings

Carolyn and Alan Cunningham

Kim Cunningham

William Curreri

Hugh Curry

Michael Curry

Shane Curry

Howard Curtis

Justin and JoAnn Curtis

Mitchell Izower and Amanda Curtis

Laurel Curtis

Nicole Curtis

Dr. Anne Curzan

Mr. Allen Custard

Adam Cutler

Larry D’Addario

Ms. Alicia D’Addario

Franco D’Alessandro

June D’Amico

Mr. James d’Entremont

Mr. Peter D’Onfro

Mrs. Joanne D’Onfro

David and Ruth Dahl

James Dahlheimer

Dr. Hannah Daigle

Sherry Dailey

Carla Flaim and Vicki Dailey

Raytonya Dailey

Mr. Samir Daiya

Flora Dakas

Eleanor Dale

Mary and Daniel Daly

Marilyn Dammon

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Damon

Susan Daneau

Maxwell Danielson

Brent Danner

Mr. and Mrs. William Dansereau

Carol Dansky

Mark Dant

Nicole Danuloff

John Darack

Elizabeth Darch

Nancy Daughtry

Mr. Robert Dauphinais

Joshua David

Brian Davidson

Karen Davies

William Davies

Sabrina Davis

Patti Davis

Polly Davis

Mr. Andrew Daw

Teresa Dawson

Alison Day

Howard and Sharon Day

Roger and Jodie Day

Mary Catherine Day

Deborah and David Deal

Carol DeBacker

Deborah DeBacker

Bel DeBarros

Kathy DeBarros

Debbie Deberry

William Debost

Paul Decheke

Mary Ellen Dechert

Mary Deck

Linda Decker

Mrs. LaVonna Deffenbaugh

Robert and Elouise Defilippo

Pamela DeHaven

Susan Deitemeyer

Willie Dejean

David Dejesus

Mr. Stanislav Dekic

Marianne DelBalzo

Tom and Jill Delbanco

Ms. Melissa Deleon

Ms. MaryLou Delgado

Jon Delich

Ryan Dell

Roberta Deluca

Agnes Demianski

James Dempsey

Collette Deneault

Jack Denihan

Karen Denison

Arthur and Sandra Denklau

Carol Dennis

Alyssa Deolitsis

Margaret Depopolo

Dr. Melody Deprez

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Derby

Amy DeRocher

Sangeeta Desai

Ms. Candace DeSantis

Eileen Reynolds and Daniel Deschler

Mr. and Mrs. William Desler

Rebecca Detken

Yvette Kovats and Tony Detre*

Ron and Gloria Devincenzi

Jackie Angel and John DeVito

Sonal Dhatia

Ms. Jill Diamond

Joseph and Sharmin Diangelo

Keily and Michael DiBugnara

Dr. Jody Dickey

Harriet Dickman

Alyssa Dickman

Ann Dietz

Michael Dietzen

Judith Diffley

Chiara DiGeronimo

Rahul Dighe

Mrs. Laine Edwards Dilla

Ray and Marilyn Dillard

Leighann DiPasquale

Nancy Dipietro

Michael DiStefano

Scott Dixon

Karen Dixon

Ms. Dori Dobbs

Lauren Doctoroff

Mrs. Lita Dodd

John and Tamra Dodds

Michelle and Benjamin Doerr

Julia Doherty

Kayla Doherty

Paula and Chip Doherty

Stephanie Doherty

Ms. Barbara Dolan

Joan Sweeney Dolen

Therese and Carl Dombrowski

Amy Domnick

David Donadio

John Donaghue

Nancy and Richard Donegan

Kathryn Donley

Patricia Donnelly

John Donovan

Kathleen Dorris

Christine Doty

Jeanne and Bill Douglas

Kenneth Dowdy

Kerry and Lucy Downing

Anne Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Doyle

Katherine Doyle

Mr. Jim Drawbridge

LaJuana Drazdoff

Jill Drees

Mrs. Moira Dressel

Maureen Drewsen

Melvis and Cheryl Driver

Donna and Fred Droege

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dryden

Mr. Lawrence Dryer

Wess duBrisk

Donna Dubuc

Gloria Duchano

Maureen and Bill Duecker

Patricia Duff

Denise and John Duffett

Patricia Dugan

Ben and Laurie Duke

Ms. Darby Duke

Mr. David Duling

Ms. Karen Dumas

Ms. Pamelia Dunaway

Dr. Kathleen Duncan

Ms. Patricia Duncan

Jerralynne Duncan

Andrew and Mona Dunn

Barrie Dunn

Sally Wallace and James Dunphy

Jim Dunphy

Mare Dunphy

Michelle Durante

Alison Durkin

Bonni Dutcher

Punam Dutt

Leonard Dwares

Stephen Dwyer

Kay and Tom Dyke


Eagle Creek Men’s Golf Summer Group

Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott


E&J Gallo Winery

Elkund Family Trust

Energy Management Systems


Erickson Oral Maxillofacial

Erlewein Mortuary

Evergreen Artists, Corp

Executive Director, Inc.

Falconwood Foundation

Farley White Interests

Farmers State Bank

Fast Glass Corvettes

FD Associates

Felderstein Fitzgerald Willoughby & Pascuzzi LLP

Fidelity Charitable

First American Title

Fisher College of Business

Flanagan Family Charitable Gift Fund

Flint Hill School NET Awareness Club

Flowers Family Foundation

Fort Thomas Drug Center

Fox Hills Country Club

Friends of Needham Debate

Gardiner & Appel Group Inc.

Garry’s Grill

Gate City Electric

Geico Philanthropic Foundation

Gemini Healthcare

General Dynamics, Inc.

Give With Liberty

Goldhirsh-Yellin Foundation

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Goldstein Family

Granite United Way

Greater Horizons, Inc.

Greystone and Co Inc

Guerrero & Whittle PLLC

Guild Mortgage Company

Hall Investments Annapolis Inc.

HALO Branded Solutions

Hamm Mechanical LLC

Hazelwood West High School

Health Alliance Medical Staff

Healthy Places by Design

Holly Brook Baptist Church

The Robert and Eloise Honig Charitable Foundation

Home Place Furniture

Hyatt Hotels Corporation


Michael and Kathryn Eastman

Joanne Ebner

Tina and Max Ebrahimian

Frank Echevarria

Sheila Eddington

Sarah Eddleston

David and Pamela Edds

Brenda and William Eddy

Mary Edelman

Charlotte Edens

Rolf Olson and Lisa Eder

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Edman

Marianne Edward

Charlene Edwards

Noreen Edwards

James and Debra Effinger

Peter and Marilee Egan

Maureen and John Eggleton

Vickie and Brad Egnew

Emily Egress

Alice and Murray Ehrinpreis

Mitchell Eichen

Kara Eisenbrey

Ms. Jeri Eisinger

James Eisner

Jane Eisner

Diane Ekizian

Mary and David Eklund

Ms. Laura Eklund

Kevin Elavia

Joan Ellefson

Jennifer Ellenbogen

Bruce and Joyce Ellingson

Flory Ellis

Ross and Karen Ellis

Richard Ellis

David Ellison

Larry Elmore

Rachel Elovitz

Mrs. Barbara Elsberg

Ron and Linda Elsdon

Becky Elwell

Cindy and Mark Embry

Teri Emerson

Charles and Sylvia Emmons

Doris and Roger Engemann

Howard and Didi Engle

Eric Erdheim

Scarlett Erdman

Ann Erickson

Laurie Ericson

Ms. Susan Erikson

Ms. Randi Ervin

Filiz Esen

Chris Esnes

Amy and Tony Estefani

Lisette Deon and Ralph Estep

Hope Estepan

Linda and Richard Evans

Tanya Evans

Jackie and Bogdan Ewendt

Todd and Angie Fallon

Bradley Sharpe and Margaret Fang

Sylvia Faragalla

Audrey and Lewis Farber

Adriana Farias

Ms. Colleen Faris

Constance and Mike Farkas

Jane and Rob Farmer

Penny Farnell

Anne and John Farrell

Mrs. Mavis Farrell

Richard Farrell

Laurel Farrell

Mrs. Jennifer Farrell

Ellen Farrior

Ruthie Farrior-Rydgren

Diane Fashing

Brad and Sara Fath

Debbie Fechter

Nicole Feeley

Robert and Maureen Feeney

David Feinbloom

Joshua Allen-Dicker and Stephanie Feldman

Charlotte Feldman-Jacobs

Bob and Debbie Fellman

Dr. Arnold Fellman

Wilma Fellman

Suzanne Fellows

Marian Felsen

Harold and Joleita Felte

Robert and Karen Felts

Ann Fenimore

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fenner

Nancy and Kurt Fenton

Ms. Susan Ferber

Dr. Leonor Fernandez

Dolores and Jaime Fernandez

Dr. Carla Fernando-Gilday

Rick and Darlene Ferraro

David and Susan Ferris

Michelle Ferritto

Dr. Jacqueline Fincher

Susan Findlay

Jessica and Troy Fine

Ms. Carol Finegan

Dianne and Daniel Finer

Ms. Barbara Fini

Betty Finley

Michael and Linda Finley

Ms. Margaret Finley

Dr. Kathleen Finn

Ms. Maureen Finnigan

Ms. Mary Kay Finnigan

Deborah Fins

Anne Finucane

Jerome and Ruth Firsty

Wayne Firsty

Mr. Sherman Firsty

Ken and Jackie Fischer

Mr. Timothy Fischer

Robin Fischer

Susan and David Fischer

Mr. Herbert Fischgrund

Katherine Neal and Jay Fisher

Louise Fisher

Andrea Leslie Fite

Susan Fitzgerald

Terese Fitzgerald

David Fitzgerald

Melissa Fitzgerald

Gertrude Fitzpatrick

DeWayne Flagler

Rob and Deborah Flaherty

Jeanette Flaim

Lesley Flaim

Christine Flaim

Karna and Kevin Flanagan

Mrs. Jennifer Flaniken

Kathy Flannery

Paula Flattery-Aaron

Mark and Judy Fleming

Neil and Mary Flink

Ms. Sharon McGivern Flood

Miss Jailene Flores

Ms. Elizabeth Flynn

Brendan* and Deborah Foley

Foley Cousins

Ms. Trudy Foote

Virginia Ford

Poppy and Allen Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Forsyth

Ms. Frances Forte

Ms. Diane Foshage

Mrs. Shoma Foss

Shirley Fowler

Dr. William Fox

Nicole Fox

Clarke and Mary Fox

Dru Fox

Ramona Fox

Russell Frackman

Peggy Fralinger

Scott Franco

Christopher and Dolores Francy

Gary Fraser

Mrs. Kelly Frasier

Mary Frattaroli

Constance Frazier

Kimberly Frederick

Anne Free

Amy Freedman

Stephen Freiman

Marilyn Freko

Raymond and Elaine French

Ms. Jen French

Linda and Michael Frender

Robert and Kristina Frick

Eric Friedlander

Holly Friedman

Jacqueline Friedman

Ms. Caren Friedman

Gabrielle Friedman

Catherine Frija

John Frisch

Mr. Benjamin Fritchman

Ms. Laura Fritz

Ken Frohlick

Felix and Vera Frolov

Joyita and David Frook

Eleanor Sullivan-Friday

Tamar Fruchtman

Emily Fugitt

Kari Fugitt

Nan Fuhrman

Charles Fuller

Ms. Elizabeth Fulton

Mark Futrovsky

Alan and Karin Gable

Lucas and Katherine Gacek

Ms. Lynda Gache

Mark Gaffney

Steven Gaines

Mary Gaines

Rahul Gaitonde

Mr. Sasa Gajic

Ms. Irene Galambos

Hope Galens

Valerie Galinskaya

Jacyn Gallagher

Sharron Gallagher

Greg Gallo

Albhy Galuten

Madhavi Ganeshan

Elizabeth Gaquin

John Michael Garbellano

Mr. Ronald Garber

Lourdes Garcia-Montes

Karen Gardner

Melissa Gardner-Lomax

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Garey

Steven Garlock

Ms. Miriam Garmizo

Ms. Rebeca Garmizo

Susan Garrett

Mark Garskof

Emily Garverick

Mr. and Mrs. James Garvey

Linda Garza

Larry Gasho

Norby Gasho

Mr. John F. Gaskin

Gary Gasperich

Ashley Gassan

Shanna Gassie

John Hutto and Chris Gaster

Thomas Gatto

Ms. Jan Gauthier

David Gawlik

Lainie Geary

Michael Gegen

Marilyn Geller

Elyse Gellerman and Michael Fierberg

Robert Gemma

Ms. Gloria Gemmell

Nancy Gendimenico

Kimberly and Kevin Genestreti-Walsh

Mr. Nicholas Gentile

Claire Gentry

Lisa Gerardi

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gerringer

Judy and Jay Gersh

Dorette and John Gerspach

Hans Ghayee

Paula Ghiandoni

Daniel and Jan Giangardella

Phil Giaquinto

Cindy Giardina

Kelly Gifford

Mrs. Lorrie Gilbert

Mrs. Lynn Gilbert

Sharon and Sam Gilliam

Nova Gilliatte

Paul and Mia Gillin

Rob and Tracy Gillin

Mrs. and Dr. Barbara Gilman

Todd* and Terry Gilman

Warren and Barbara Gilman

Wanda Gilmore

Karen Gilodo

Barbara Ginsberg

Nancy Ginsberg

Ms. Wendy Ginther

Mary Jo Giovacchini

Sammy Glanzman

Jeffrey Glasheen

Mark and Susan Glasser

Alan Glazier

Cathy and Bill Gleeson

Ms. Paula Gleicher

Audrey Glick

Kenneth and Kimberly Glinert

Matthew Hanisian and Katheryn Glover

Alan and Ronit Gober

Mr. Paul Godlewski

Doreen and David Godwin

Lynn Goehner

Dr. Mita Goel

Brenda Goforth

Howard and Allison Gold

Ms. Cynthia Gold

Charles Goldberg

Ahdee Goldberg

Deborah and Stuart Goldblatt

Ms. Linda Golden

Susan and Joe Golden

Mrs. Lilly Goldfarb

Carolyn Goldman

Steven Goldstein

Ken Goldstein

Mr. Randall Gomes

Fred Good

Mary Good

Thomas and Diane Good

Shawn Goodchild

Dr. John Goodgame

Susan and Thomas Goodlive

Dr. Linda Goodloe

Kenneth Quirke and Violet Goodman

Waynette Goodson

David and Ann Goodwillie

Joseph and Hope Goodwin

Rasitha Goonasekera

Anne and John Gorczyca

Eric Gordon

Lisa Gordon

Marsha Gordon

Loretta and Thomas Gordon

Mr. Bernard Gordy

Ronni Gorelick

Jodi and Phil Gorman

Ms. Barbara Gorson

Chitra Gosain

Dave and Elaine Goss

Abhigyan Banka and Emily Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Gould

Janice Gould

Michael and Mary Grady

Estelle and Joel Graff

Ronald Graham

William Graham

Dr. Steve Grant

Joan and John Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Grant

Turney and Jeanne Gratz

Leland and Marie Graul

Lisa Graver

Adam Gray

Mr. Michael Gray

Debbie Gray

Catherine Green

Harriet Green

Mrs. Sara Green

Nick Green

David Greenberg and Sally Neff Greenberg

Dr. Karen Greenberg

Mrs. Allison Greenberg

Christine Demetros and Sheppard Greene

Tali Greenspon

Julie and Mitch Greenwald

Eric Greenwood

Penny Gregory

Ms. Jennifer Grenier

Samuel Greenfield and Patricia Jackson

Lisa Greve

Christine Greve

Joan Grieder

Amanda Griesser

Carol Griffin

Joseph and Carolyn Griffin

Ms. Joan Griffin

Deborah Griffith

Warren and Martha Grimes

David Gross

George Gross

Mary Lou and Irv Gross

Amy Hunn and Kurt Grote

Frances Grote

Theresa Grouge

Gloria and Aaron Grundman

Mrs. Merrilee Guarini

Nancy and Peter Guarraci

Adam Guernsey

David and Margie Guggenhime

Bart and Jill Guidotti

Ms. Gay Guilott

Janet Gundel

Doreen and Loren Gunnink

Estate of Tamara A. Gunter

Donna Gunter

Mr. Anuj Gupta

Archana Gupta

Marsha Gurwich

Corine Guseman

Karl and Jane Gustafson

Carol Guthrie

Dr. Ricardo Gutierrez

Bobbie Gutierrez

Korinne Guza

Ken Guzzardo

Blair and Dori Haas

Jordan Haas

Josiah and Dana Haas

Stephen Haas

Julie Habif

AJ Hacker

Jonathan Hadash

Mrs. Pam Hadden

Mary and George Hagan

Dr. Margo Hagen

Ms. Laura Hagen

Jennifer Haggerty

Adam Strauss and Cindy Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hahn

Robert Haight

Matem Hailemariam

Ms. Kitsy Haiman

Brian Hakimian

Mr. David Halberstadt

Teresa Hall

Wayne Halper

Ms. Susan Halpern

Noor Hamadeh

Michael Hamed

Ms. Evelyn Hamilton

Ms. Kathleen Hamilton

Christopher Hamlin

Cathy Hampton

Mrs. Jihye Han

Cindy Hankey

Karyn and Tom Hanley

Patience and Richard Hannon

Bradley Hansen

David and Lindsey Hansen

Jon Hansen

Ms. Lynn Hansen

Ms. Linda Hansen

David and Amanda Hanson

Peigi and Eric Hanson

Jennifer Hanson

Mosfiqua Haque

Refayat Haque

Ishaba Haque

Rafiqul Haque

Cindy Harakaly

Jonathan and Tabitha Harbuck

Debbie Harding

Janice and John Hardink

Mr. Dan Hardt

Claudia Hardy

Dr. Katherine Hargrove

Diane Harkins

Jessica and Jason Harkins

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Harrington

Shannon Harrington

Cheryl and Adam Harris

Dr. Jennifer Harris

Helen Harris

John Harris

Mr. Brian Harris

Ann Harris

Thomas and Dorothy Harris

Claudette Harrison

Dr. and Mrs. Anil Harsh

Connie Harshman

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harshman

Susie Hart

Leo J. Hart III

Tim Hartigan

Caroline Hartman

Cheryl Harvey

Bonnie Haskins

Gwen Hasse

Orville and Patricia Hatfield

Ms. Paula Hathaway

Lalia Rach and Jan Hatleberg

Freddi Hausser

Thom Hawkins

Nathan Hawrysko

Scott Hawthorne

Donna Hayes

Devaria Hayes

Dolores and Albert Hayes

Jessica Haynes

Erin Hazen

Elizabeth Healy

Patrick and Carla Healy

Jim and Sue Heard

Carol and Gary Hearn

Anita Barry and James Heffernan

Pamela Heil

Todd Heinen

Erin and Thomas Heise

Laurie Held

Alan and Carolyn Sepiol Helgeson

Christina Heller

Mrs. Lauren Heller

Camille Heller

Ms. Kathleen Hellstrom

Ms. Lara Helwig

Rochelle Helzner

Mrs. Dawnyel Henderson

Jerry Hendin

Mary Henning

David Henry

Bill and Vickey Hepworth

Rodger Hergert

Jeff and Cricket Herman

MJ Herman

Mrs. Ann Herman

Terri Herrick

Joyce A. Herrington

Ken Hertz

Dr. Shani Herzig

Mrs. Janice Herzog

Quintin and Debrah Hess

Robin Hess

Alan Hetzel

James and Ina Heup

Vivian Hevia

Tammy Hierholcer

Kathleen Higgins

Dr. Matthew Hill

Juli Kartel and Kelly Hill

Sherri Hill

Shira Hill

Barbara Hillman

Hiltner Family

Patricia Hilton

Dr. Sherri Hinchey

David Hurwitz and Wendy Hines

Whitney and Josh Hinshaw

The Steven Hinshaw Family

Mr. Hiro Hiranandani

Julie Hirsch

Mrs. Beth Hirsch

Lois Hirt

David Hitrys

Nathan Hitson

Hubert and Helen Ho

Mr. Steven Hochman

Marcella Hochwalt-King

Natalie and Brett Hocken

Philip and Annbritt Hodgins

Colin Hodgson

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hodskins

Ann Hofer

Cynthia Hoffman

Julie Hoffman

Rolf Hoffmann

Lisa Hoft

Charlie and Cathy Hogan

Harold Hohm

Donald and Elizabeth Holck

Paul Holcomb

Anna Holdforth

Mr. Sudheer Holenarasipura

Mrs. Carolyn Holguin

William and Vicki Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hollander

Catherine Hollier

Dotty and Mike Holm

Lance Holm

Colin Holmes

Rachel and Jordan Holmes

Mr. Michael Holroyd

Kristen Holt

Susan and Herbert Holtkamp

Michelle Holtman

Sanda Holtslag

Susan Holzman

Mrs. Deborah Honen

Andy Hong

James Hooberman

Paul Hooberman

Dr. Virginia Hood

Joanne Hopkins

Megan Hopkins

Greig Hoque

Dariusz and Agnieszka Hordejuk

Gary and Barbara Hornbuckle

Marilyn Hornor

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Horowitz

Michael and Ruth Horwitz

Elana Horwitz

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Horzepa

Marie Hosfield

Robert and Kathy Hotuyec

Dorothy Houlditch

Mrs. Elise Houren

David and Annette Houtz

Michelle Hovenic

Dewayne and Judith Howell

Jennifer Howie

Lauren Howie

Keely and Garrett Hrncir

Stephen Hrysh

Dr. Jennifer Hu

Rosemary Hu

Grace and Enoch Huang

Robert and Sara Hubbard

Raymond and Kathryn Hubbert

Steven and Diane Hucik

Donald Huckle

Stefanie and Scott Huckleberry

Reagan Hudgens

Jeremy and Julie Huffman

Vijetha Huffman

Phillip and Brigid Hugh

Marybeth Hughes

Cliff Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Hughes

Mary Lou Edman Hughes

Marie Huller

Shelley Hume

Holly Humes

Carolyn Hummer

Shannon and Scott Humphries

Dan Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hunt

Tarah Hunter

Proma Huq

Bruce and Barbara Hurd

Matthew Hurd

Nancy and Steve Hurlburt

Gretchen Hurlburt Trust

Kim Hurry

Julie Zawel and Andy Hurwitz

Wendy Hines and David Hurwitz

Olivia Hutchison

John W. Hyatt

Laran Hyder

Connie and Ted Hyer

Karen Hyland

Judi and Darryl Hymel

Timothy Hyre

Lorraine and Malcolm Hyslop


ICON Architecture, Inc.

Imperial PFS

Industrial Tire Service

Inspire Brands Foundation

5812 Investment Group LLC

Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jing Yang Institute

JP Morgan Chase Foundation



Kallisto Engineering

Kansas University School of Nursing

Karpus Family Foundation

Kate Spade and Company Foundation

Kellogg DFW


Zachary Gerald Knight Foundation

Kolling School

Sharon Levine Foundation

Locust Corner Elementary

Lynne and Richard Kaiser Foundation


Meredith Iannoli

Marcia Ihnen

Mr. Derek Illar

Sharon Illi

James and Carol Immel

David Ingerman

Ms. Faith Isaacs

David Island

Joshua Island

Terry Island

Cheryl Itkin

Sara Izen

Dr. Alan Jackman

Henry Jackman

Una Jackman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackson

Jessi Jackson

Jesus Jackson

Mr. Jeanne Jackson

Glenn and Leslie Jacobs

Lynne Jacobs

Ms. Erin Jacobson

Rebecca Jacobson

Arthur and Roberta Jacoby

Holli Jaffe

Benzion Jaffe

Dr. Vishal Jain

Ms. Eisha Jain

Ms. Ritika Jain

Sanjiv Jain

Shreya Jain

John and Marjan Jalil

Keith James

Marcia James

Rita Jamrogiewicz

Carol Randolph Jasmine

Elizabeth and Aaron Jennings

Ron and Sally Jerome

Paul Jett

William Jiang

Monica Jindia

Marilyn Jingu Family Trust

Bill and Gloria Jobe

Rick and Mary Jobski

Carol and David Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Johns

Amy Johnson

Brooke Johnson

Peter and Luella Johnson

Russell and Janice Johnson

Steven Johnson

Amy Johnson

Eric and Rosalie Johnson

Georgene Johnson

Gladys Clark Johnson

Lynn and Mike Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Ms. Audrey Johnson

Grant Johnson

Christopher Johnston

Ms. Jane Johnston

Floriane Joly

Angela Jones

Art Jones

Edward Jones

John Paul Jones

Mary Jones

Meghan Jones

Ken and Becky Jones

Lucia Jones

Phyllis Jordan

Keri Jordan

Bruce Joseph

Gabriel Joseph

Prajakta Joshi

Shailesh and Rajeshri Joshi

Umesh and Kinnari Joshi

Mr. and Mrs. John Joyner

Mr. and Mrs. John Julian

Dr. Marisa Jupiter

Sarah Jura

Mr. Alan Kaatz

Rajiv Kadayam

Lynne Kadish

Debra and Jonathan Kalan

Mark Polimus and Kristine Kallimani

Dylana Blum and Jonathan Kallmer

Brenda and Alan Kamback

Gary Kamin

Keith Kampen

Candace Kane

Dr. Zahir Kanjee

John Kanki, Ph.D.

Sandhya Kannan

Ritu Kansal

Paul Kanter

Beth Kanter

Lou and Monica Kaplan

Pauline Kaplan

Richard Kaplan

Sara Romer and Andrew Kaplan

Nupur Kapoor

Sonali Kapur

Adina Karantza

Said Karimnamazi

Mr. David Karlsrud

Theresa and Ken Karp

Patricia Karspeck

Michael and Neda Kasher

Reza and Katherine Kasravi

Thomas and Marsha Kassawara

Marla Katz

Victor Katz

Steve* and Lisa Kaufer

Hue-lee Kaung

Kathleen Kay

Susan and Dennis Kay

Barb Keane

Casey Petroff and Toby Kearn

Pat and Tim Kearney

Mary Keating

Cynthia Keefer

Christopher and Romelyne Keeling

Denise Keene

Mr. Joe Keffer

Bari Keith

Susan Baumes and Laura Keitlen

Eileen Kelleher

Marilyn and Paul Kelleher

Mr. William Keller

Danna Kelley

Mr. David Kellish

Christopher and Amy Kelly

Robert Kelly

Mrs. Tina Kemper

Katherine Kos Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kennedy

Theodore and Maureen Kennedy

Roisin Keough

Ms. Nicolette Keown

Farough and Jacklin Kerendi

Mr. and Mrs. John Kerins

Petra Kernahan

Ms. Jane Kerr-Fernandez

Katherine and William Kerth

Mrs. Roberta Keselicka

Ed Kessey

Keith and Linda Ketchum

Mr. Mike Key

Mrs. Cheryl Key

Mehdi Araghi and Elham Khaksarfard

Umair Khan

Kavita Khanna

Nishi Khanna

Williams Khashkes

C. Robert Kidder

Bob Kiehne

Anne Kiernan

Dr. Ken Kiger

Scott and Monica Kilgren

Caleb Hale and Anita Kim

Charlotte and Buck Kimball

Mr. Scott Kimple

Ms. Judith Reid Kincade

Rochelle King

Rusell King

Emma King

Michael King

Ms. Anne Kinggard

Edward Kingman

Candice Kiss

Dag Kittlaus

Ms. Rachelle Kivanoski

Mr. Gerald Klein

Mrs. Holly Kleman

Estate of Marilyn L. Kline

Donna Kline

Michael Klingher

David and Sandra Klock

Michael and Julie Klouda

Mary Beth and Mark Knelson

Mary Kness

George Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Knight

Joanna Knoles

Julie Knopp

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knothe

Tony Ko

John and Jennifer Koch

Ms. Lisa Koch

Jessica Koenig

Roxanne Koepke

Ted and Kathy Koeth

Haillie Koetter

Larry Kolves

Lisa Kolves

Susan and Richard Konst

Joseph and Patricia Kopycinski

Erin and Matthew Korgie

Mr. Tom Korgie

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Korner

Ms. Jordana Korner

Walter and Donna Korpacz

Denise Kort

William and Janet Kostner

Sydney Koteff

Nancy and Paul Koteras

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kotnik

Stephanie and Leslie Kourie

Gus and Angela Koutsis

Mr. Ari Kowalsky

Diana Kozuch

David and Beth Krakow

Dina Kramer

Douglas and Carolyn Kramer

Larry and Leslie Kramer

Michael Kraus

Ms. Marilyn Kravitz

Ms. Terri Kravitz

Wayne and Glenna Krehbiel

Susan Campbell-Krell and Ron Krell

Pamela Krell

Mimi Kress

Dr. Gila Kriegel

John Krieger

Michael and Shirley Krieger

Anne Krohn

John Krohn

Mr. Daniel Kronberg

Alaina Kronenberg

Kathryn Krotz

Mrs. Virginia Krueger

Margie Kubis

Thomas Kucinski

Kristen Kuhlen

Sandy Kuhn

Mrs. Kimberly Kuhoric

Dr. Ashwini Kumar

Rick and Wendy Kumpf

Emily Kundrat

Ms. Tereze Kunkel

Ellen Kuntz

Jennifer Kuo

Juleann Kurcin

Robert and Judith Kuschel

Dr. Hillary Kushner

Katie Kusske

Susan Kutinsky

Andrew Kyres

Louis and Jane La Rocca

Eileen Ceriello Labiak

Mr. Steven Labovitz

Charles and Kelly Lacina

Ms. Erin LaCosta

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lacson

George Lader

Sara Lafave

Bob and Peggy Laflamme

John and Mitzi Lai

Ying Lai

Keilani Lai-Hipp

Mr. John Laiche

Paul and Irene Laki

Dorraine and Moyez Lallani

Teresa Lalley

Robert Calo and Liz Lamade

Brian Lancione

Meg and Erik Landfried

Debra and Ken Landgraf

Bruce and Wendy Landon

Bria Landrum

Frank Landry

Carol Landsberg

Tom Lane

Ms. Hana Lang

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lange

Fred Langley

Kevin and Deborah Langley

Kyle Langschwager

Fran Langsner

Stephanie Langwell

John and Sue Lanphere

Dr. and Mrs. Rajiv Lapasia

Ms. Jean Larkin

Ms. Suzanne Larraway

Elise Larson

Susan LaRue

Stacey Lash

Ari Lasker

Dr. Jan Laskowski

Leo Latonick

Elaine LaToza

Beth Lattimore

Dobbin and Mary Ann Lattimore

Alicia Lattin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lavallee

Todd Lavieri

George and Beth LaVigne

Ms. Stacey Lawyer

Eileen Laxer

Dale and Michael Layhee

David Lazerwitz

Mark Lazerwitz

Priscilla and Mark Lazuk

Mrs. Takeko Le

Dung Thi Le, MD^

Tom Leach

Mrs. Angela Leal

Mr. Dean Learned

Robert and Susan LeBailly

Steven Lebeau

Gina and John LeBerth

Leroy and Doris Ledsworth

Elizabeth Lee

Miss Holim Geena Lee

Monica Lee

Linda and Terry Leebove

Karen Leeds

Sally and Bob LeFeber

Gordon Lefever

Lisa Legare

Timothy and Ann Lehan

Rolf Lehming

Ann Leib

Mitchell Leibowitz

Barry Leibowitz

David and Joanne Leibowitz

Josh Leibowitz

Rita and James Leiby

Margo Leick

Jurgen Leiser

Sylvia Lemieux

Arthur and Dorothy Len

Dr. Sharon Phillips and Geoff Lenat

Rick and Judy Lenehan

Jessica Lenhart

Roslyn Leopold

John and Linda Lest

Morgan Lett

Ms. Melissa Leubner

Ori Lev

David Levine

Mel and Vera Levine

Mrs. Steven Levine

Patricia Levitt

Melanie and Josh Levs

Deb Levy

Mr. and Mrs. John Levy

Mr. Cesar Levy

Ms. Diane Lewandowski

Drs. Mark* and Stasha Lewis

Patricia Lewis

Ms. Rachel Lewyn

Luci Leykum

Catherine Li

Ms. Roberta Li

Sharon Li

Joseph Li, MD*

Mrs. Ginny Liao

Howard and Susan Libman

Laura and Allan Libove

Daniel Lichaw

Ms. Donna Lichaw

David Lieb

Scott and Denise Liebel

Michael Lieberman

Stacy Lieberman

Vivian Lieberman

Murray Lieberman

Mrs. Bobbi Liepolt

Phyllis Lightman

Kelly Ford and Chun Lim

George and Rita Limbert

Ching Lin

Steven Lin

Mr. Gregory Linden

Julia Lindenberg

Jeffrey and Sandy Linder

Griffith Lindsay

Susan and Michael Lindstedt

Carl and Sharon Lindstrand

Dr. Jiazhen Ling

Deborah Lingrey

Marsha Lipets-Maser

Jacob Lippman

Bruce Lippmann

David and Sheila Lipschutz

Allison Lipscomb

Mr. John Lipscomb

Ms. Nicolle Lipscomb

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lipson

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lipsy

Barry and Karen Lipsy

Dr. Helene Lipton

Steven Lisec

Susan Lissner

Jonathan Litt

Cynthia Little

Leslie Littlejohn

Rose Ann Littlepage

Steven Tidrick and Laurie Littlepage

Rena Littman

Dr. Shuangbiao Liu

Thomas and Lisa Livigne

Mrs. Julie Livingston

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Livingston

Gina LoBello

Luellen Lockwood

Wanda Loethen

Tracy Loewenthal

Vassilia Logan

Stacey Logan-Docke

Mr. Michael London

Eileen and Douglas Long

Michelle Long

Michael and Barbara Long

Ms. Kathleen Longo

Jan Lookadoo

Rosemarie Looney

Caitlin Holland and Alex Lorenzen

Stuart Loss

Amy Lossie

Dr. Karen Lovdahl

J. Richard Love

Barbara Loveless

Constance Loveless

Janet Lovell

Lynn and Doris Lovell

Daniel Low

Paula Lowe

Suzanne Lowers

Mr. Jon Lowrey

Jill Loynes

Evelyn Lu

Ashley Lubenkov

Robert and Tina Lubus

Steven Lucas

Allen Luckett

Lauren Lucki

Jacob and Elaine Ludes

Suzanne Ludlow

Greta Ludwig

Robert Luebke

Ashley Luening

Leon Luey

Laurie Lumex

Joyce Hendley and Henrik Lumholdt

Marion Lunden

Tessa Luther

Richard D. Lynch

Mr. John Lynch

Ann Lyon

Tiffany Lyon


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Marietta College PA Program, C/O 2020

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Marvel S. Platoff Foundation

MBM Auto Management, Inc.

McDonnell and Associates

Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation

Merck and Co.

Mercy Crest

Meton & Melton

Microbial Insights Inc.

Mid Atlantic Deck and Fence

The Miles Foundation

Mincey-Carter PC

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The MP Foundation

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Ronald Macera

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Marilyn and John Mack

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Betty and Jean Malone

Dr. Jennifer Malone

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Kevin Maloney

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Thaddeus Mandry

Tina Mathew and Merrill Mangalasseril

Salvatore and Michele Manganelli

David Manion

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Dr. Efren Manjarrez

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Lorraine Mansell

Chih Huan Mao

Colleen and Roger Mar

Dianne and Paul Maranto

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Jody Marcus

Carlos Marin

Jess Marino

Rick and Lori Mariotti

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Stacy Marko

Kristen Marola

Susan Marola

Theresa and Dale Marquart

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Elizabeth Marsh

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Ann Marshall

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Sara Marshall

Gabrielle Marshall-Salomon

Claire Martin

Helen and Jack Martin

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Patrick and Lori Martin

Mary Martin

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Mrs. Chris Maruszewski

Mrs. Kathleen Maruszewski

Jennifer and Kurt Maschari

Mary Elizabeth Mason

Barry Massarsky

James Massoth

Bethany Masten

Philip and Rebecca Masters

Daniel Matathias

Ms. Amanda Matchett

Nancy E. Mateja

Marie Mateo

Mark Aronson and Jean Matheson

Ritu Mathur

Terry Matlen

Carol Matorin

Melissa and Harry Mattison

Nancy Mattson

Ms. Dorothy Mauro

Lydia Mauti

Nigel and Linda Maxey

Lauren and Sean Maxwell

Mr. Roger May

Kimbril May

Clinton Mayer

John Mayher

Dave Mayo

Kristin Mazerski

Robert and Dina McCabe

Eric O’Malley and Erin McCahill

Gillian McCain

David McCaleb

Michael McCalley

Brian Croushorn and Chelsea McCammon

June McCarthy

Brian McCarty

Mr. James McClain

Albert McClean

Mr. and Mrs. John McCloskey

Mr. Philip McCluskey

Linda McCombs

James and Linda McCormick

Susan McCrabb

David and Aline McCullough

Ted and Susan McCullough

Kellene McCutcheon

Marguerite and Francis McDermott

Kathy Mcdonald

Connie McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McElheny

Karen Bopp and Elliott McEntee

Lori McEntee

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Jennifer McFinton

Marjorie McGill

Brendan and Kristen McGinn

Dr. Susan McGirr

Regina McGrath

Colleen McGroder

Suzanne McGurk

Carol McHale

Mara McKee

Andrea McKellips

Mary McKendree

Mr. John McKenzie

Ms. Margaret McKeown

Kevin and Rachel McKinnon

Dr. Robert McLean

Josephine Li-McLeod and Bruce McLeod

Mr. Paul McMahan

Casey McManemin

Brian McMillan

Diane and James McNally

James and Brenda McNamara

Michael McNerney

Lisa McPhaul

Gerald and Elizabeth McRae

William Mead

Scott and Eileen Meador

Danny and Tamara Meaux

Kenneth Stipanov and Julie Mebane*

Kelly Newhouse and Jose Medina

William Meek

Clare Meernik

Ellen and Robert Meeropol

Stephen Monas and Maggie Megaw

Dr. Ateev Mehrotra

Meera Mehta

Barry Meisenberg

Annette and Bill Melanson

Megan Melendez

Sandi Melkonian

Marla Mellon

Paul Mellott

Mrs. Mary Kate OToole Mellow

Robert Meltzer

Tammy Meltzer

Bradley Mendel

Jason Mendel

Larry and Caki Mendel

Bradley Mendelson

Marilyn Mendelson

Paul and Debbie Mendelson

Ms. Leela Menon

Suzy and Mike Mentillo

Connie Mercier

Ms. Kathy Merkin

Emory Merrill

Jennifer Merrill

Scott Merritt

Mersedeh and Ramin Mesriani

Ms. Mary E. Metzcar

Dan and Joan Meyer

Ronald and Christina Meyer

William and Wendy Meyer

Randi K. Meyrowitz

Julie Michael

Jill and David Michels

Dennis and Margaret Mickey

Mr. Matthew Mickiewicz

Charles and Cheryl Midgley

Matthew and Arlene Mika

Jenni and Patrick Mikusky

Raymond and Barbara Mildren

Jack Milewski

Mr. Arthur Milkowski

Larry Miller

Laurynn Miller

Mrs. Debra Miller

Frank Price and Sue Ann Miller

Joan Miller

Joseph and Linda Miller

Kim Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Miller

Nanci Miller

Randall Miller

Sarah Miller

Steven Miller

Jennifer Studer-Miller and Terry Miller

Ashley and Ryan Mills

The Miloslavich Family

Dr. Eric Min

Ms. Jean Minder

Mrs. Terri Minkus

Rochelle Minnich

Ms. Daiva Minter

Ms. Dawn Minter

Sasha Minton

Emily Mintz

Bipin and Megan Mistry

Lindsay Mitchell

Ellis Mitchell

Sharon and Spiros Mitsopoulos

Mili Mittal

Thomas and Ann Mobley

Mr. Matt Modlish

Teresa Mogg

Simi Mohanty

Angela and Joe Mondrella

Mrs. Lynn Mondry

Russell Monteith

Mr. Martin Paul Moody

Dorothy Moon

Alan and Shelly Moore

Dr. Amber Moore

Joyce and Larry Moore

Kim Moore

Robert and Martha Moore

Sarah and John Moore

Stephen Moore

Lew and Laura Moorman

John Moot

Kristen More

Alfred and Ann Morelli

John Morfit

Christopher Morgan

Diane and David Morgan

Melissa Morgan

Mr. and Mrs. GL Morgan

David Mori

Nora Moriarty

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Morin

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morin

Dawn Morningstar

The Morningstar Family

Josh Morphew

James and Donna Morris

Patrick Morris

Thomas Morris

Angela and Bill Morris

Brett Morris

Dorothy Morris

Liana Morris

Rebecca Morris

Sandy and Robert Morris

Carl and Susan Morrison

Mr. John Morrison

Michelle Morrisseau

Nancy Morrissey

John and Karen Morse

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morse

Brittany Morton

Rena Morton

Karan and Jeff Moseley

Pat and Bill Mosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moses

Noelle and Dean Mudrak

Katherine and Matthew Mueller

Dr. Stephanie Mueller

Kenneth Mukamal

Louis and Sheila Mullins

Wayne and Sandra Mundell

Brian Munger

Dr. Jazmin Munoz

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Munro

Ms. Beth Murano

Ms. Jane Murawski

Gemma Murdoch

Ann Murphy

Kathy Murphy

Patricia and Charles Murphy

Elaine Murphy

Maureen Murphy

The Murphy Family

Glen Murray

Charlene and Richard Murray

Candy Mason and Brian Murrell

Carol Murren

Mrs. Umbreen Murtaza

Kinkini Murthy

Sarah Mutlu

Nancy Mutty

Judith and Steven Myers

Kay Myers

Elza Mylona

Jean Myrick

Sonja and Orest Myroon

Louis Nabba

Bernard Nachman

Joyce and Wayne Nadeau

Amy Nadell

Nicole Nagaya

Vinod Raman and Harini Naidu

Dr. Eric Nakakura

Sussman and Nam Families

Wendy Nance

Kevin Napier

Kristin Napier

Dr. Maria Nardell

Richard and Anne Nathan

Dr. Scott Navarrett

Robert Nazar

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Neary

Ms. Sandra Neborak

Sherry Nedzbala

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Negley

Christine Nelson

Dellene and Larry Nelson

Don and Nancy Nelson

Terence and Linda Nelson

Aaron Nelson

Mr. Dave Nelson

Tony and Becky Nelson

The Nemani Family

Dan Nemec

Martin and Leean Nemeroff

Mrs. Shari Nemiroff

Beverly Nenno

Stacey and Joe Nerone

Eric and Cynthia Neseth

Sandra Nessel

Tim and Robin Neumann

William and Martina Neutzling

Betty and Skip Newman

Ms. Polly Newman

Teri Newman

John Nguyen

Fusing Ni

Joseph Nicholas

Deb Nicholson

Kelly Van Niman

Neeraj Nityanand

Nancy and Skip Nolan

Randy Noland

Mrs. Susan Noles

Joey Nolfi

Anne and Trey Noonan

Elaine Nord

Bridget Nordstrom

Dr. Kris Norenberg

Gary Norman

Mrs. Denise Norton

Joan Norwood

Ted and Patricia Novak

Livia Nulman

Cathy Nunn

Mary Nurmi

Mr. James Nurmi

Mr. Sean P. Nurmi

Family of Josh Nurmi

Ms. Brenna Nurmi

Ann Nutter

Barbara Nye

Stephen Nye

Mr. John Nyman

Pamela and Kevin O’Brien

Nancy and Lee O’Bryan

Catherine O’Connell

Julianne O’Donnell

Drs. Thomas and Sue O’Dorisio

Anna O’Hara

Brendan O’Leary

Dr. Kevin O’Leary

Mr. and Mrs. Brian O’Meara

Brian O’Neil

Pat O’Neil

Donna and James O’Neill

Ryan O’Neill

Jeanne O’Neill

Mark and Christine O’Rear

Patricia O’Shea

Ms. Jean O’Byrne

Debbie O’Neal

Christine and Mark O’Rear

Floyd Oaks

Feiying and Nikolaus Obholzer

Barry and Linda Obrand

Kathleen and Les Odom

Dale and Susan Odonnell

Joe and Jessi Ogburn

Anita Ogden

Nicholas Ohlemacher

Naofumi Ohtani

Dr. Suzanne Olbricht

Diane and Jim Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Oliveri

Oladipo Olorunlogbon

J. Kevin and Maryanne Olsen

Debra Olshever

Mr. Thomas Olson

Suzanne Cavanaugh and Chris Olson

David Olson

Daniele Olveczky

Wendy Ominsky

Kathy Orban

Bruce Orkin

Gregory Lathrop and Mary Ortega

Ms. Lynn Osband

Donald Osborn

James and Rosalie Osborne

Mr. David Osen

Chris M. Osmond

Florangel Osorio

Susan Oster

Dr. Ron and Adele Ostomel

Lynne Ostrer

Vinita Oswal

Naofumi Otani

Ms. Kathy Ouellette

Kathryn Owen

Christine Fisher Owens and Nicholas Owens

Ms. Jennifer Ozaki

Ms. Mary Ozaki

Dr. Clare Ozawa

Emily Paasche

Mary Pacheco

Stuart and Alison Packer

Reza Pahlevani

Ann Paine

Stanley and Eileen Painter

Tony and Jennifer Palesotti

Miss Megan Palladino

Michael Pallozzi

Leanne Palmateer

Shelly Palmer

Miriam Palmer

Susan and Tom Palmer

The Palmer Family

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Palmiotto

Ekaterina Pamsheva

Jim* and Terese Panagis

William and Marisa Panagis

Reed Panasiti

Emily Panetsos

Ross Pangere

Ronald and Nancy Paquet

Jeanne Paras

Gilda Parascandolo

Erika Parasido

Tina Parent-Cowsert

Mrs. Carole Paris

John Park

Surekha Parker

Mrs. Sally Parkin

Ms. Elizabeth Parlin

Tracy Parnell

Avner Parnes

Leslie and Greg Parr

Jamie Parrot

Margarete Parsons

Lena Parvex

Mark Pascarella

Rebecca Pasdon

Michael Pasquale

Mr. Peter Pasquale

Scott Passet

Ms. Lisa Pastille

Mr. Kalpesh Patel

Dr. Manisha Patel

Stephanie Paterson

Anna Patsel-Powell

Robert Patt-Corner

Ms. Jean Patterson

Jeanne Patterson

Andrea and Dick Patton

David Pau

Randolph Paul

Deborah Paulsen

Bonita Paustian

Amy Pavnica

Rhonda Pawlan

Michael and Rosemarie Payne

Susan and Chip Payson

Lilly Pearce

Allison Peck

Ed Peine

Jill Esterson and Peter Peirce

Debra Peitavino

Joseph and Patricia Pelletier

Ms. Marci Penedo

Ms. Belinda Penn

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Pennell

Leland and Patricia Pennington

Mr. Richard Pennington

Rose Peoplis

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Peplinski

Enrique Perez

Kristina Perkins

Mrs. Pamela Perrott

Roger Perry

Sharon Perry

Charlotte Perry

Mrs. Adelaide Perry

Thomas and Clare Persing

Bernadette Pessagno

Charles Peter

Jennifer Peter

Jerome and Marilyn Petersen

Mr. Jerry Petersen

Warren and Vicki Petersen

Ms. Deana Peterson

Karen Petrarca

Peter and Shannon Petrignani

Mario Petrocco

Jamie Petrykievicz

Donald and Catherine Pette

Andrea Pfaadt

Susan Pfister

To-Anh Pham

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Philhours

Kristophe Philip

Byron Phillips

David Fish and Susan Phillips

Michael Phillips

Russell and Elise Phillips

Jessica and Gregory Phillips

Vanessa Phillips

Ms. Mindong Pi

Joseph Picciano

Ms. Kim Pickard

Judith Piechota

Cathy Pieper

Robert and Kathy Pierce

Cody Pierson

Elizabeth Pierson

Marika and Jordan Pierson

Cathy Pietanza

Maria Pignati

Mrs. Deb Pilcher

Gail Pinckney

Don and Susan Pine

Sean and Jennifer Pinney

Colleen Pirrmann

Steve Pletscher

Beverly Plocher

Nina Plumb

James Plummer

Ms. Kyra Poff

Michelle and David Poire

Ms. Lindsey Pollak

Mrs. Karen Pollock

Melissa Polott

Joan Polsky

Michael Pomatto

Ann Ponte

Christopher and Sheryl Poole

Khozem Poonawala

Mrs. Francine Poore

Carol Pope

Mrs. Deborah Pope

Tania and Ben Pope

Brian Popowitz

Rick Popowitz

Jerry Porzemsky

Mark and Stephanie Posey

Miss Alice Potack

Dr. Jennifer Potter

David and Jeanne Pousson

John Powell

John and Anne Powell

James and Denise Powers

Swathi Prabhu

Barbara Pratt

Patrice and Rodney Pratt

Brian and Cindy Pratt

Richard Press

Helene Presskreischer

Susan Wright and Mark Pribula

Jonathan and Elizabeth Price

Kathryn Price

Mr. Preston Price

Carol Price

Branko Primetica

Marie and Darian Pringle

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Prior

Barbara Proehl

Christopher Protzmann

Harry Proudfoot

Karla Pruis-Hoffman

Mr. Mitch Pruzansky

Ms. Linda Pryor

Sean and Lisa Pugh

Mark and Lucie Pupillo

Ken and Carlean Purcell

Evelyn Purdy


Quinlan, Newman & Associates, Ltd

The Rabinowitz Charitable Foundation

Raritan High School, C/O 1971

RCJ Catering LLC

Red Roof Corporate Headquarters

Richard Beard Architects

Riviera Beach Supermarket

Robins Giving Fund

Rockhill Machining Industries

Saints John and Paul School

Salem-Naraghi Family Foundation

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

San Jose IBM Quarter Century Club

Savvy Consignment

Securian Asset Management

Bill and Shelley Sedlacek Foundation

Severna Park Elks Lodge #2482

Shelton Sanitation

Simpleloan Group

Smile Doctors

Dorothy and Chester Smith Charitable Foundation

Society for International Affairs

Linda Solomon Photography

Somnium Space LTD

South Carolina Trucking Organization

Southern Maine Youth Hockey Association

SRC, Inc.

St. Mark’s School of Texas

St. Mary’s Outpatient Family

St. Thomas University School of Law


Stagg Teachers’ Association

Stingley Elementary

Stricker Family Charitable Fund

Striped Swallow Designs

Sturgis Hospital

Symantec Corporation

Synapse Group, Inc.

T S Restaurants

Takeda Pharamaceuticals Employee Giving Program

Terra Nova Photography

Texas Equine Veterinary Association

Thompson & Knight

Tiburon Capital Corporation

Tzell and Protravel Foundation


Mary Lou Quaid

Dawn Quelle, PhD^

Emily Quick

James Quinlan

Ms. Barbara Quinlan

Brad and Karen Quinn

Margaret Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn

Gilberto and Marisel Quintero

Riaz Qureishi

Mr. Richard Rabin

Mr. Steven Rabinowitz

Ms. Karen Rademacher

Dr. Ramya Radhakrishnan

Dr. Shree Lata Radhakrishnan

Ms. Sheryl Radomile

Mrs. Margaret Rafle

Dr. Julia Ragland

Rajiv Rai

Robert and Diane Raines

Laurie* and Dale Rains

Datla Raju

Sudhir Raju

Rachel Ram

Mr. Ryan Saghir and Jennifer Ramcke

Shanthi Ramesh

Dr. Robert Ramirez

Barbara Randall

Kathy Randlett

Mrs. Carolynn Ranftle

Cheryl Ransom

Ravi Rao

Aashna Rao

Grace Rapkin

Donna Raque

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rasdon

Hamid and Firoozeh Rashidi

David and Sandra Rasmussen

Mrs. Kelley Rather

Raju Rathod

Frank Ratkus

Janet and William Rattazzi

Ms. Renee Rayhill

Kristina Raykinstein

Mr. Eugene Razdolsky

Becky Ream

Pat Reardon

Ms. R. Redd

James Redhead

George and Patricia Reed

Lynanne Reed

Jeanette Reedy

Melissa Reese

Nicole Rizzo Reese

Jeanine Reeves

Janet Regier

Mr. Ronald Rehfuss

Richard and Kristin Reichardt

Chuck Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reid

Nancy and Claude Reid

Vera and Lang Reid

Mrs. Alison Reidy

Kerrick Reisbig

Lois Reisman

Liz Reitman

Ken and Judy Rekrutiak

Mary Relles

Alpha Remaley

The Rembe Family

Susette Remson

Todd and Eva Rendle

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rendlen

Gerard Renna

Deb Renneke

Dr. Allen Repp

Carole Bender-Resnick and Tom Resnick

Evan Respaut

Margo Ressa

Mr. Douglas Rex

Crystal and Richard Rexford

Mrs. Gayle Reynolds

David and Gaye Reynolds-Gooch

Victor Rhodes

Joann Rhodes

Joanne Hickey and Philip Rice

Ms. Susan Rice

Mrs. Cindy Rice

Leroy Richards

Rex and Cheryl Richardson

Stephanie Richey

Andrew Richman

Mr. Gary Richman

Nicole Richter

Ms. Anne Richter

Kathleen Rickard

Daniel and Andrea Ricotta

Elizabeth Rider

Kay Ridgard

Mrs. Joedy Riederer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riegel

Dixie Riegel

Brian and Jeannie Riley

Joseph and Kimberly Rinella

Kathleen Ring

Laura Ringer

Jay Ringo

Judith and Michael Rintelman

Linda Riordan

Beth A. Ripston Revocable Trust

James Risk

John Rita

Zita Ritchick

Mr. and Mrs. William Ritter

Mary and John Rivard

Anita Rivas

Mr. Michael Rivera

Elizabeth and Scott Rizzo

Sandra Roach

Mrs. Candice Robb

Scott and Carol Roberson

Anissa Roberts

Bertha Roberts

Brad Roberts

Dr. Matt Roberts

Erica Roberts

Gail Roberts

Susan Roberts

Janet Roberts

Jon and Stephanie Robins

Dr. Robert Robinson

Suzi Robinson

Rachel Robinson

Scott and Melissa Rockman

Mr. Edward Rockwell

Sean Roddy

Brian Rodger

James Rodin

Adam and Connie Rodman

Cindy Rodriguez

Sebastian Rodriguez

Rona and Leslie Roe

Patricia Roebling

Kate Roetzer

Mr. Ken Roffe

Mr. Steve Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Rachel Rogers

Mark Rohling

Susan Rojo

Ms. Susan Rollins

Ms. Dana Romalis

Mary Ann and Francis Romano

Thomas and Peggy Romano

Anna-Lena Thomas and David Romanowski

Matthew and Meredith Ronan

Mr. Tony Roosevelt

Dr. Maria Rosasco

Pat and Sandy Rose

David and Allison Rose

Andrew and Shelley Rosen

Darilyn Moyer and Scott Rosenberg

Susan and Larry Rosenberg

Mr. Steven Rosenstein

Janis Rosenthal

Jesse Theisen-Toupal and Elana Rosenthal

Cindy Rubin and Brian Rosenthal

Jackie Rosenzweig

Mitchell Ross

Pamela Ross

Richard Foulkes and Rita Rossi-Foulkes

Andrew Rossi-Schroeder

Wayne Rosso

Linda Habeeb and Mark Rotondo

Shefali Rouen

Carrie Rough

Daniel and Jenay Rouimi

Mrs. Therese Rourk

Mary Catherine and Victor Rouse

Christine Rowe

Zach Rowe

Carol Rowley

Avik Roy

Brian Royse

Bill and Gerrilyn Rozich

John and Margaret Rubey

Marc Rubin

Mrs. Natalie Rubinstein

Georgina and Jim Ruetenik

Kay Rufener

Rick and Debora Ruffie

James Ruffin

Ana Maria Castillo and Carlos Ruiz

Nancy Rumplik

Mrs. Dawn Rumsey

Katy and John Ruocco

Annette Russell

Cynthia Russell

Daniel and Terri Russell

Merissa Russell-Hammer

David Russin

David and Catherine Rutland

Ms. Kathleen Ryan

Ms. Paula Ryan

Terrence and Katherine Ryan

Caroline Ryles

Karl and Teresa Ryssemus

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rywalski

John and Carol Rzeplinski

Christopher and Annette Saal

Allison and Josh Saba

Kristen Joan Sacks

Michelle Sacramento

Ian Sadlocha

Vikas Saggi

Donna Saggio

Elizabeth Sah

Anita Sahai

Sunno Sahani-Jhangiani

Melvin and Punk Salberg

Matt Salerno

Kelly Sallinger

Krithika Sambandam

John and Erin Samenuk

Dr. and Mrs. John Sampson

Bruce Sanborn

Carole Sand

Jacqueline Sandberg

Charles Sanders

Emily Sanders

Pat Sanderson

Vivian Sanderson

Barbara Sandler

Ian Sandler

Karen and David Sandlin

Tammy Sando

Donna Sands

Daniel and Libby Sands

Edward Farley and Robyn Saneff

Donna Sanson

Mr. David Santiago

Kinkini Sarkar

Mousumi Sarkar

Theresa Laudati Sass

Glorieliz Sastre

Dana and Alan Sato

Brandi Sauls

Vicki and Jeff Sauter

John Sautter

Donald Sawyer

Edward and Janice Saxton

Paul Juzdan and Mary Sayegh

Rima Sayegh

Sophia Sayegh

Peter Sayegh, MD

Mr. and Mrs. James Scalley

Jonathan Scannell

Corinne Scarpaci-Tutaj

Nancy Schaad and Family

Seth Schachner

Kristy Schade

Grace Schafer

Bluma Schechter

Simone Scheffer

Christopher and Jenny Schell

Robert Schevers

Mrs. Melody Schiesl

Steven and Jill Schlies

Ms. Linda Schlissel

Mr. Marty Schlossenberg

Mrs. Audrey Schmit

Beth and John Schneider

Jeanne Engelking and Jeff Schneider

Diane Schneider

Paula Schneider

Harriet and Jason Schneiderman

Diana Schofield

Dr. Mara Schonberg

Sharie Schouweiler

Darlene Schrack

Travis and Teresa Schrift

David and Megan Schrimmer

Lauren Schrimmer

Josh Schroeder

Ian Schucart

Phillip Schulman

Mr. Kevin Schultz

Mr. Charles Schumann

Ms. Lisa Schuster

Karen Schwanekamp

Harold and Darlene Schwantes

Donna Schwartz

Phyllis Schwartz

Rosalie Schwartz

Lewis Schwartz

Linda Schwarz

Orrin Schwarz

Jessica Schwarz

Danae and Walter Schwatka

Andrea Schwemin

Mr. and Mrs. David Scissors

Mr. Joseph Sclafani

Jocelyn and Charles Scott

Mrs. Kathy Scott

Mrs. Mary Scott

Pamela Scott-Kay

Cary Scottoline

Mr. George Scragg

Elizabeth Scully

Laura and Rick Search

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sedlacek

Erin Seeley

Diane Seeman

Amber Segovia

Pauline Seguin

Mr. and Mrs. William Seidl

Ronald Seim

Lela and Fred Selby

William Sellers, MD^

Larry and Robin Sells

Ethel Seltzer

Jason and Helen Seltzer

Steve and Liz Selvage

Deborah and Robert Senk

Matthew Servidio

Sandeep Seth

Frances Seward

Hannah and Russ Sewekow

Frank Sgrizzi

Darryn Shaff

Michelle Shaff

Robert and Susanne Shaffer

Jesal Shah

Mrs. Vineeta Shah

Autumn and Shamik Shah

Pam and Matt Shane

Rachel and Robert Shanfeldt

Xiao Yang and Helen Shao

Craig Shapiro

Gary Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shapiro

Gerald and Florence Shapiro

Mr. Akash Sharma

Chong-Kuang Shaw

Samantha Shaw

Kelley and Steve Shea

Mrs. JoAnn Sheehan

Brina Shelton

Alise Shemesh

Gil Shemesh

Gary Shepard

Paige Skolnick and Jesse Sherb

Cary Sherman

Mary Sherman

Michael Sherman

Martin Sherman

Betty Shevitz

Alexandra Shi

Dale and Billie Shoemake

Navot Shoresh

Margo and Michael Shoys

Deborah Shrimplin

John Shroyer

John Shure

Dr. Chi Chang Siao

Pam and Garrett Sickles

Smita Siddhanti

John Siebs

Bernadette Siefker

Elizabeth Siemon-Nutt

Anita Sievers

Nancy Signore

Sheryl Silberberg

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sileo

Ms. Gina Silver

Ronald and Dianne Silvestri

Angelita Simmons

Cindy and Ronald Simmons

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Simmons

Neil Simon

Lori May and James Simpson

Ms. Sharon Simsay

Hester Li and John Sinde

Linda and Patrick Singel

Howie Singer

Arjun and Jasmine Sinha

Mr. Jason Skaggs

Liz Skarlatos

Stephen Skells

Janet Skelton

Jo Skelton

Stephanie Skiff

Ann Sklar

Robert and Kim Slack

Richard and Betsy Slade

Lorraine Slattery

Beth Slavin

James and Judith Sloan

Mr. James Small

Terri Foreman and Vince Smart

Julie and Mike Smerdel

Dawn and Greg Smith

John Smith

Lois Smith

Merrill and Margaret Smith

Mr. David Smith

Sarah and Steve Smith

William Smith

Ashley and Jordan Smith

Catherine Smith

Emory and Cam Smith

Gloria Smith

Kara Smith

Katherine Smith

Mrs. Cynthia Smith

Sarah Smith

Andrew Smoler

Carol Smurawski

Ronald and Kandi Snodgrass

Greg Snow

Leahann and Brian Snow

Andrew Snyder

Norman and Linda Snyder

Lori Soares

Dr. Lauge Sokol-Hessner

Sari and Dean Solden

Martti Solin

Leah Solomon

Nancy Solomon

Perry Solomon

Rachel Solomon

Mr. Howard Solovei

Joe and Pam Sommer

Joan Sonnenschein

Tom Soohoo

Terry and Beth Sorensen

Sam Mazzarelli and Jonathan Soroff*

Mr. Michael Sorokin

Dolly Soto

Mrs. Marilyn Souvigney

Mrs. Jeanne Spaulding

Victoria Spears

Mrs. Janis Spehler

Mike and Pat Speltz

Mark Spencer

Tim and Karen Sperstad

Jill and Joe Spiegel

Lili and Michael Spinosa

Jerry Spohn

Jim Sprayregen

David Spring

Jeffrey Spring

Louise and Rod Springer

Allison Sprochi

Kim Spurr

Anjali Sridhar

Sudha Sridhar

Stephen St. Peter

John and Jeanne St. Pierre

Pilar Stack

Karen Staley

The Standing Family

Stephen Stanley

Tim and Carrie Stanny

Star Family

Ms. April Starr

Jason Starr

Joanne and Andrew Stasio

Terri Stearn

Jenna Steckler

Bonnie Steeh

Teresa Steensma

Howard Stein

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stein

Walter Stein

Laura Stein

Karen Steinberg

Nina Steinberg

Aida Stemm

Marilyn Stepanek

Patricia Stephenson

Doug Sternberg

Michelle Stewart

Nelson Stewart

Ronald Stewart

John and JoAnn Stewart

Wade and Sue Stickels

Barbara Stieg

Ms. Lisa Stifel

Amy Stiller

Ms. Bethany Stiltner

Sylvia Stilwell

Diane Stinebaker

Thomas Stipanov

Greg Stocker

Stephanie Stocum

Keith and Camille Stohlgren

Mrs. Julie Stolarz

Mr. Benjamin Stolarz

Mr. Nicholas Stolarz

Robert and Lorraine Stone

Carol Storen

Holly Stotelmyer

Vickie Stovall

Martha and Bee Strain

Ray Strickland

Francis Stuart

Ms. Carole Stuart

Sally Stuart

Stephanie Stuchiner

Daniel and Andrea Suissa

Kevin and Kerry Sullivan

Mike Sullivan

Mr. John Sullivan

Mr. Matt Sullivan

Mr. Patrick Sullivan

Mr. Timothy Sullivan

Lorna Sullivan

Mrs. Jeanne Sullivan

Melissa Suman

Dori Summer

Mr. Richard Sunday

John Sundell

Kathy Surette

Eric and Jessica Susi

Ira and Sara Suss

Rachel Svendsen

Gene Swackhamer

Clay Swackhamer

Jeffrey Swackhamer

Sheri Swackhamer

Ms. Wilma Swackhammer

Molli Swankie

Mr. Brad Swanson

Pearl and Laurene Swanson

Manju Swaroop

Peggy Swenson

Robert Swenson

Wanda and Ron Swenson

Mr. Andrew Syiek

Ericka Sykes

Mary Szczypta

Stephen and Jeanne Tabscott

Shannon Taflinger

Lynne Tag

Darren Taichman

Douglas Tait

Ms. Kiyoko Takeda

Inder Takhar

Vickie Tallent

Mahesh Talreja

Arpit Garg and Nisha Tamhankar

Ms. Sachiko Tanikawa

Mr. and Mrs. Jayson Tanzman

Ellen and Leon Taranto

Stephen Tardif

Mr. and Mrs. David Taricani

Tracey Tarr

Maurine Tarvin

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tata

Kathy Taube

Mr. Gerald Tayler

Carson Taylor

Robert and Jerri Taylor

Col. and Mrs. Edward Taylor

Wenona Taylor

H.J. and Sendy Tejkl

Kristen and Chip Tell

Ms. Nicole Tellier

Gay and Mark Tepper

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Tessler

Lorene Testa

Victor and Marie Theriault

Mrs. Lisa Theriot

Nanci Thibault

Karin Thikkurissy

Teresa Thoma

Francoise Thomas

Kourtney Thomas

Stella Thomas

Timmy Thomas

Tiffanny and Josh Thomason

Lucas Thomason

Neil Thomason

Kerstin and Jorg Thommes

Angela Thompson

Ms. Patricia Thompson

Paula and Douglas Thompson

Paula Thompson

Mrs. Theresa Thornton

Raymond Thornton

Mohamed and Marina Thowfeek

Jacqueline Thran

Mr. Michael Thwaites

Theresa and Matt Tibbels

Judith Tidrick

Teresa Tidwell

Sibyl Tien

Stacy Timlin

Cornelia Timmers

Ms. Meilene Tipp

Valerie and Russ Tippy

Carolyn and William Tipton

Jodi and Keith Tobin

Paul Tod

Kaitlyn Toennies

Barbara Ann Toepke

The Toll Brothers

Cody Tolve

Mrs. Fennie Tolver

Andrew and Jessica Tom

Mr. and Mrs. Max Tomlinson

Christopher Heaphy and Van-Khue Ton

Mr. David Hankin and Ms. Ruby Tondu

Jim and Sharon Toohey

Jeffrey and Mary Topf

Ms. Ronnalyn Topolewski

Joni Torgerson

Sigrid Tornquist

James Torres

Dr. Nancy Torres-Finnerty

Sharon and John Toth

Kristen Toth

Mrs. Jaclyn Totin

Janice Touesnard

Mr. Doug Tough

John Tournis

Debra Towns

Christopher Towns

Samantha Towns

Al and Carla Townsend

Cathy and Lauren Tramonte

David Traub

Mr. Peter Travers

Sam Travis

Louise Treherne

Jeffrey Tripp and Letitia Garcia Tripp

Douglas and Margaret Tripp

Katie and Larie Trippet

Ken Trombly

Mrs. Helen Trosper

Kristal Trotty

Sinh-Ying and Kou-yi Tserng

Kevin Tsurutome

Mr. and Mrs. George Tsurutome

Jerome and Marie Tuccille

Joseph and Susan Tuccillo

Kimberly and Andrew Tucker

Teresa Tucker

Earl and Carol Tucker

Joan Baron and Terry Tuharsky

Hannah Tumolo

Rebecca Tunnell

John and Pam Tunney

Mr. Ryan Turnbull

Elizabeth and Richard Turner

Gerry Simons and Cyndi Tuttle

Mike Tyndall

Ms. Elizabeth Tyree-Taylor

Shelia Tyson


UMass Memorial Health Care

Uncle Bub’s BBQ

UNH Campus Rec & Athletics

University Radiology Group, PC

Unum Group

Unum Law Department

The Ursuline School

Vahey Family Insurance


Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

Waples Mill Elementary School

Warren American Oil Company

Water Analytics, Inc.

Waterfront Engineering Design & Construction, Inc.

Watertown Board of Education-Judson Elementary

Webster Five Bank

Wehrle Insurance Network

Weintraub and Spiro Families

Westminster Village

Westmont Hospitality Group

Wheaton Oral Surgery

Whitebox Real Estate

Williams Financial Advisors, LLC

Williamsburg Homes, LLC

Women’s Informal Network

Worcester County Bar Association

W. Ray Huff & Associates

Young Supply Co.

Zeldin Family Foundation


Marjorie Van Handel and Joe Ullman

Diane Underhill

Laurie Upham

Randy and Patricia Upton

Maggie Urbanik

Paul Usewicz

Catherine Goucher Utt

Kendra Utt

Barbara Utter

Patricia Uyekawa

Joyce and Peter Vacchi

Mr. Malcolm Vakalis

Valorie Valentine

Paul and Martha Vames

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Van Nostrand

Donna and Raymond Vance

Darrel Vancoevering

John Vandenberge

John and Jill Vanderburgh

Dr. Anita Vanka

Nick Vantzelfde* and Lauren Erb

Patti Vanwalbeck

Vartus Varadian

Matthew Vassallo

Judith Vaughan

William Velez

Renato Sehovic and Elma Velic

Michael Vemula

Hope Venable

Carol Vengroff

Robert and Judy Venhousen

Mrs. Louise Vennemann

Mr. Steve Veno

Angela Venza

Mr. Michael Verkuilen

Dr. Dusan Veselinovic

Laura and Andy Viets

Margaret Viets

C.A. Vincent

Ms. Kay Viney

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Vinik

Grant Vinik

Charles Viola

Laura Vogtle

Sameer and Tasnim Vohra

Ms. Jean Volosin

Libby Von Neumann

Denise Von Pressentin

Fred and Charlotte Voreh

John and Jane Voss

Mary Waddill

Mrs. Lindsey Wade

Mrs. Lauren Waggoner

Elizabeth Waggoner

Jody Wagner

Lori Wagner

Raelene Wagoner

Ms. Marcie Wahba

Roger Wahl

Ross Wainwright

Mrs. Carol Walcoff

Diane and Harry Waldapfel

Jennifer Walia

Dean Walker

Helen Walker

Jennifer and Marc Walker

Matthew Adlestein and Maura Walker

Beverly Walker

Ms. Karen Walker

Nedda Walkup

Karen Walkup

Barbara Wallach

Deanna Wallach

Theodore Stern and Judith Wallner

Claire Walocko

Mr. James Walsh

Erika and Terry Walsh

Lorraine Walsh

Mallory Walsh

Mary and John Walstrom

James and Marianne Walter

Dr. Patricia Walters

James and Marla Walters

Emily Steele Walthall

Paul and Mary Walther

Ben Walton

Ron Waltz

Mr. Scott Wambach

Dr. John Wang

Shuyi Wang

Weigen Li and Pinqui Wang

Leslie Wank

Gail Ward

Sharon Wardwell

Stephan and Susan Ware

Dorothy Ware

Mr. Alan Warms

David Warner

Lisa Warren

Mal Warwick

Brittany Waskiewicz

Pamela Watkins

Stephen Watsky

Floyd Watson

James and Susan Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Watson

Mrs. Candyce Watson

Edward Marcantonio and Maryann Wattendorf

Richard and Diane Wawrzyniak

Jacob Waxman

Hayden Haas and Annmarie Wazer

Mr. and Mrs. James Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver

Ed and Sandra Webb

Jennifer and Chad Webb

Mrs. Michelle Webster

Nancy Webster

Michael Wechsler

James Wehler

Nina Weil

Mrs. Becky Weil

James and Mildred Weinberg

Stuart Weinblatt

Jennifer Weinel

Gregory and Laurie Weingart

Meryl and David Weinstein

Carol and Elliott Weinstock

Joan Birkam and Timothy Weipert

Andrew Weisel

Jacqueline Weiss

Efrat Weiss

Mrs. Andrea Weiss

Ms. Sheila Weiss

Kirby and Mary Welch

Mr. and Ms. Louis Welch

Kathryn Weldy

Norval and Melinda Wellsfry

Peg Wendell

Carly Wentzell

Mrs. Dana Wenz

Phyllis Wenzel

Laura Werling

Alice Werner

Dawn and Patrick Werner

Greg Wertheimer

Christopher and Vicki Wertz

Susan Wesley

Glenn and Mary Westlund

Patricia and Garrett Weston

Mr. and Mrs. William Weston

James and Cynthia Weyand

Kay Whalen

Barry Whalen

Mr. Robert Whearty

Pamela and Donald Wheeler

Brian Wheeler

Lisa Whelan

Daniel Wherry

Patty Whiles

Jody White

Ms. Kara Whitehead

Laurie Whiteman

Jeanne Hoffman and Bobby Whitescarver

Mr. Charles Whitfield

Tim Whitlock

Connie and Philip Whitson

David and Pamela Whitt

Fran Whittington

Anne Whitty

Karin and Dave Wicker

John and Corinne Wiedemann

Heidi Wiegand

Stephanie Wiernik

Lisa and Mike Wiggins

Mrs. Joan Wilczewski

Alison Wild

Ms. Sarah Wilder

Sue and Darrell Wildhaber

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wiles

Richard Wiley

Ms. Mary Wiliams

Penny Wilkerson

Jeanne Williams

LaSonia Williams

Ms. Caitlin Williams

Richard Williams

Sue Williams

Thomas and Diane Williams

Dr. John Williams

Paula Williams

Suzanne Williams

Bo and Megan Williamson

Heather Williamson

Monica Perkowski and Jim Williamson

John Willis

Werter Willis

Nancy Ausbon Willis and Richard Willis

The Louise Willis Family

Susan Willmann

Jeannette and James Wilson

Maureen Wilson

Mrs. Carol Wilson

Sheri Wilson

Abby Lowe-Wilson and Ander Wilson

Susan and Rick Winchell

Bill Matuozzi and Heidi Winchman-Matuozzi

Diane Winn

Marcia Winn

Joseph Winograd

Jason and Kelly Winokur

Kathleen Winslow

Lawrence Fine and Laura Winston

Matt and Kathy Winter

Kevin Winters

Victoria and David Wipperfurth

Rebecca and Alexander Wiseman

Cynthia Wiseman

Ms. Nancy Witeck

Mrs. Emily Withers

Mr. David Witt

Mary and Joseph Witte

Emily and Nikolaus Wittenstein

Gordon Gatehouse and Gloria High Wo

Janice Woeste

Alexandra Wolbrum

Philip Wolf

Cindy Wolf

Ms. Michelle Wolf-Bloom

Gail Wolfberg

Leslie Wollard

Kim and Gary Womack

Doris Wong

Shaymas Wong

Elaine Wong

Debra Wood

Scott and Lana Woodcock

Toba Woodruff

Kelly Woods

Mr. David Woods

Mrs. Sherri Woods

Mr. William Woodson

Mason Wooley

Janice and Alan Woolley

Beverly Woomert

Jeffrey Worden

John Workman

Susan Woyton

Melissa Wrenn

Joyce Wright

Wendy Wright

Janice Wright

Nancy Wright

Anthony and Patricia Wros

Ning Wu

Lester and Imma Wurtele

Catherine Wurtzler

Eileen Wylie

Anita and Walter Wysocki

Tom and Nancy Yaeger

Ruth Yaker

Ellen Yakish

Bill Mooney and Akiko Yamada

Kathe Yamagata

John Yamnicky

Kristyn and Keith Yandle

Chin Tsun and Quei Yu Yang

Ron Yang

Stacey Gunn and Shaun Yang

Weizhe Yang

Fred Yannantuono

Madelon and Terry Yarows

Jordan Yates

Terri and Steve Yates

Jinoos Yazdany

Carl Yirka

Melanie Young

Janet Young

Maurine Petersen and Karen Young

Yvette Youssef

Dr. Cindy Lien and Dr. Timothy Yu

Dr. Roger Yu

James and Natalie Yuann

James and Verene Zabrecky

Ms. Suzanne Zahed-Medina

Mr. Randy Zaller

Ms. Karen Zaritsky

Paul and Lisa Zarookian

Dean Zarras

Dr. Jacqueline Zarro

Marianne Zawitz

Jerry and Karen Zeamer

Janet Zebel

Mr. Timothy Zee

Nancy Zeiger

Lauri Zell

Paul Zemanek

Jason Zide

Lisa Zide

Warren Zide

Amy Zide

Martin Zide

Elizabeth Zide, MD

Ruth and William Ziegler

Gregory and Mary Ziegler

Joseph Zimmerman

Rachel Zimmerman

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Zocco

Mary Zoeller

Mr. John Zogg

Frank Zorrilla

Stacy Zousmer

Deborah Zuckerman

Bruce Zukauskas

Jini Zuniga

Mr. Gary Zurek

Drina Zuvic

Julie and David Zvara

Steven Zweig

Mrs. Susan Zwick

* – Board of Directors & Emeritus Members
^ – Board of Scientific Advisors

Spark Hope Fundraising Events

Blackwood Family Polar Plunge

Annual Biking For Debbie

DC Walk for Carcinoid Cancer

Maros Felsen 5k Run/Walk

The Queen Next Door: Aretha Franklin, Book Launch Event

Palo Alto Moonlight Walk, a tribute to Julie Seltzer Firsty

Fighting NET Cancer with Katherine

Nothing But NET, Detroit-Free Press & TCF Bank Marathon

Music to Ignite NET Research

North Yarmouth Annual Benefit Breakfast for NET Research

Dean Paras Foundation Annual Run/Walk

Daiva Rose Affirmations

Carl Schaad Retrospective Art Show & Sale

Slamdunkin’ NETs Event

Sweat for NETRF

Schnurbush Foundation 5k Run/Walk

Veracode Employee Hackathon & Food Sale

World NET Cancer Day Event, honoring Michele van Dewerker

Women’s Informal Network Health Fair honoring Aretha Franklin