You Made Progress Possible! Thank you!

You Made Progress Possible! Thank you!

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Thank You!

The Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation  Matched $5 Million in Spark Hope Gifts 

The Spark Hope Campaign was fueled by a generous match by the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation. A publishing giant, Robert E. Petersen passed away from neuroendocrine cancer in 2007. The Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation has helped NETRF to achieve its most ambitious research effort yet to understand and treat neuroendocrine cancers.

Margie and Robert E. Petersen

Those paving the way to progress

Donor Recognition
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Todd and Terry Gilman

“There is a reason to be hopeful. NETRF is advancing the science and bringing more diagnostic and treatment options to the clinicians in charge of our care.”

Katherine and Matt Mueller

“I organized a Spark Hope fundraiser because as my NET journey moves forward, I wanted to make an impact on NET research.”

Laurie and Dale Rains

“After watching a close friend live with NETs for 20 years, I understand the importance of supporting NET patient education and advocacy.”

Elizabeth Zide, MD & Vincent Hosfield

“The grants for research are of tantamount importance for this rare disease that receives little funding elsewhere. We need to keep researching to help NET patients have the best quality of life possible.”

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The Broad Institute

Developing a NET cell line to be shared with researchers around the world.

Yotam Drier, PhD

Supporting NETRF’s inaugural funding of research into the causes and treatments of lung NETs.

Renuka Iyer, MD

Exploring novel therapies that trigger the immune system’s attack on tumor cells.

Kuo-Shyan Lin, PhD

Increasing the precision of PRRT and expanding its use to more NET sites.