A Celebration of Life for Nathan Montoya

Please join family and friends in celebrating the life of Nathan Montoya by supporting a birthday extravaganza in his loving honor.

Nathan Montoya had countless talents, many gifts, and endless attributes but one of his greatest was the friendship he bestowed upon all. He loved unconditionally, forgave unconditionally and laughed unconditionally. Nathan loved getting to know people. As a beloved hairdresser, some of his clients became his dearest friends. He loved to dance, laugh and spend time with those he loved.

When: Saturday, July 24th 2021
What Time: 4 – 9 p.m.
Where: The Wardian, Lakewood, Colorado
Hostesses: Kim Joggerst, Trish Gaudin, Rosalie Torres, Heidi Klein, Susan Terrazas
Event Goal: $5,000.00

Over seven years ago neuroendocrine cancer (NET) became a part of his life and of those close to him. It was terrifying, brutal and relentless. But in the end, cancer failed. Yes, it robbed Nathan of time and yes, it robbed his loved ones of Nathan, but never once did it penetrate his sweet spirit. He stayed true to his bright eyed, cheery, eternally optimistic view of what life was and how to live and love every moment he had. Even as cancer invaded Nathan’s body he chose to see colors brighter, smile bigger and love harder. He exuded kindness and a serenity that, hopefully we can all one day emulate. He left an almost tangible impression on the hearts of all who loved him, and on July 24th his family and his best friends will celebrate his life the way he would have wanted, with an extravagant party! All event proceeds will support innovative NET research through the NET Research Foundation in Nathan’s loving honor.